Don’t you all miss playing on Wii U? Back in the day? You do; that is why we are here. It gave us a taste of future gaming, what gaming would feel like in HD graphics, and the 4k version of our favorite games, the first-ever home hardware game console with a touchpad. Lego City Undercover, Mario Kart 8, Nintendo Land, and Tokyo Mirage Sessions are all these legendary games that are still available with the same 4k or 8k HD graphics. If you want to enjoy your favorite Wii U games on your Pc, you are at the right place. We took over the internet to find the best wii u emulators.

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It’s safe to say the quest was a success, as I found the 5 best Wii U gaming emulators for PC. Why limit to just gaming PC? You can connect your Wii games to a projector and smart Tv and enjoy your games on a big screen. Keep reading till the end to know why Nintendo discontinued Wii U consoles.

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5 Best Wii U Emulators For PC

Following is the list of the 5 best wii u gaming emulators to enjoy all your favorite games on your PC.


Currently, the best Wii U emulator for pc to exist is Cemu. It is a Microsoft emulator. The release date is October 13, 2015. Now, it is only accessible to Microsoft users but soon available for Mac users.

This shows the dedication of the Cemo developers team. The team looks at all the bugs, technical difficulties, or potential changes. It is a closed-source emulator, and the developers are highly active and responsive to regular updates. When I say regular, it means once a week or fortnight, which is quite impressive for a closed-source emulator.


Exzap and Petergrov developed Cemo. All required to run Cemo smoothly is a 64-bit Windows with OS version 7 or above with the latest GPU drivers on AMD or Nvidia, 4Gb RAM minimum.

Cemu is entirely free software to use. You can check the Cemo website for details like card compatibility, the latest releases with dates, and controller inputs.

Download: Cemo


Decaf was one of the first wii u emulators in the market. However, it is an experimental development for some commercial games on Nintendo. It is an excellent alternative for Cemo.


Decaf is open-source software, which means users can make changes and updates through coding. You might face some glitches while playing games on the decaf emulator, but that’s the only problem; otherwise, it works well. You can join the Decaf Discord server to make suggestions or complaints.

The prerequisites are Windows with the latest Visual Studio 2017, which also supports Linux with Modem C++17 (64-bit).

Download: Decaf


Dolphin is another excellent emulator for playing Wii U on pc. Although it is an emulator developed for the new gaming consoles launched by Nintendo, namely- GameCube and Wii, you can play all the Wii U games in full HD 1080p.


A feature that sets Dolphin different and better from Cemo is that it supports all OS, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. It has incredible features such as PC Compatibility control, networked multiplayer, turbo speed, etc. It can be counted in the list of best wii u emulators.

All you need is 2GB Ram, but 4GB is preferred for gaming PCs, Windows 7 or above(64-bit), macOS Sierra 10.12 or above, 3.0 Pixel Shader GPU, open Gl 3, or DirectX 10.

Download: Dolphin

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Yabause is the short form for Yet Another Broken and Unfinished Saturn Emulator. It falls under the category of simple emulators in the market. Some bugs appear while playing because it hasn’t had any updates in the past few years.


It is a Sega Saturn emulator with features like low-level CD block emulation and support for CloneCD file format. It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux, so I would say worth giving a shot if you want to try a decent Wii U games emulator.

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Yuzu is a relatively new market emulator but has been performing well. It is a Nintendo Switch Emulator but supports a good proportion of Wii U games. Check the game compatibility list for Yuzu here.


Yuzu is safe and free open-source software GPLv2 licensed program. It was launched in 2018. However, it does require console keys to play your games. All you need is Windows 10 (64-bit) or higher.

Download: Yuzu

The Reason Behind Nintendo Discontinuing Wii u Consoles

All the articles and news about Nintendo announcing the final dates for Wii u shocked all the Wii u lovers because it was sooner than expected. Nintendo also discontinued 3DS eShop at the same time.

Wii u console was officially launched on November 18, 2012, and stopped production in January 2017. Nintendo sold 100 million units of Wii U in this while.

the reason behind nintendo discontinuing wii u consoles

The primary reason is Its lousy performance in terms of sales. Additional causes include a weak lineup of launch games and limited third-party support. In other words, if you analyze it from a user’s perspective, it was just poor marketing by Nintendo as a company for this product.

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Wii u has a good history of gaming and customer reviews. Seeing the features and being the first touchpad gaming console with HD graphics, the company argues they have better features in their new console, Switch. However, discontinuing the old product is not the way for most companies.

Some say it is a marketing strategy for their next console to do well in the market, as users will have no choice but to buy a better version of the console. It seems like a pattern with Nintendo as they have announced not manufacturing one of the best sellers- Nintendo switched recently because they are releasing a new console soon.


What are the best wii u emulators?

Here’s a list of the best wii u emulators on the market: Cemo, Dolphin, Decaf, and Yuzu. Many other emulators also have a few Wii u games in their game compatibility list. Still, you will have to check first.

Can dolphin emulate wii u?

A simple answer would be yes; Dolphin does emulate wii u games. It was a new emulator of new gaming consoles by Nintendo. Still, the gaming compatibility list has wii u games.

Can you emulate Wii u on PC?

Yes, you can emulate Wii u on pc. Gaming emulators are software used to play games on Pc or Tvs instead of consoles.

How many Nintendo Wii u games are there?

To date, there are 789 games on the existing list. This list is organized by sorting into games titles, their developers, publishers, and release dates from countries like Japan, America, and Europe.

When was the Wii u console stopped in production?

Nintendo announced the stoppage of Wii u console production in 2017. Officially, it stopped its production in January of 2017.


I hope this article gave you a list of the best Wii U emulators. In the coming times, we might see a lot of Wii you emulators in the market as most gamers consider playing through PC instead of a console.  Open-source emulators are versatile; regardless, the close-source emulators tends to perform better.

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