Best Video Calling Apps For PC: Top Recommendations

Best Video Calling Apps For PC

Video calling and video conferencing have always been popular around the globe. We can interact face to face with a person or a group of people located miles away from us through video calls. Video calls help us to connect to the world without actually traveling. Ever since the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, video calling has become extremely common and essential. From a preschooler to an older man, everyone uses this source to connect to their schools, offices, and loved ones. With this growing rate of usage of video calls, many of us are confused about which application is the most suitable for us. Learn about the best video calling apps for PC in this article.

But are these applications good enough for you?


Zoom has mainly gained a lot of popularity during this pandemic. But did you know that Zoom lacks security, unencrypted communication, cloud vulnerabilities, and a possibility of hacking?


Other than this, a free zoom call only lasts for 40 minutes, and well, maybe zoom is overrated.

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Coming to another renowned application – “Skype.” Skype has a user limit of 50, which makes it incompatible for many uses. It also has stringent time limits. You can use skype only for 4 hours for an individual video call, 10 hours a day, and 100 hours a month, unlike many other software.


It allows for versatility and multi-use, making it an excellent choice while searching for the best video calling apps for PC.


Whatsapp is another internationally famous video calling application, and Whatsapp has a limit of 4 people in a video call. Although the communication on Whatsapp is end-to-end encrypted, your data is not safe since WhatsApp synchronizes your contacts and records your other private data. For instance, the time you spend online is recorded.


 All of these reasons compel one to think about which application is fruitful as well as safe for them.

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Google Meet

Well, “Google Meet” is the answer. The one application has all the essential features you might want to use in a video call. Moreover, it ensures utmost security and user-friendliness. Unlike any other application, Google Meet integrates with other Google services like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Hangouts Chat, and more.

Google Meet
Google Meet

For example, you may book meetings beforehand through Google Calendar, which generates a link to the coming Google Meet call and invites to your participants via Gmail. It really is one of your best options. Read below to learn what makes it the best video calling apps for PC for you.

More About Google Meet

You can also record meetings. Unlike other applications that save large files to your system, Google Meet automatically stores the file to Google Drive.  This allows you to save space on your computer and record multiple meetings easily. It also avoids the wastage of time required to upload a file onto Drive. Drive ensures the access of files to multiple users. So basically, as many people you want can access the recording for a meeting through the industry. Another spectacular feature is the “live caption” feature, and it converts the speech to text to provide subtitles for the entire duration of the meeting.


google meet
Google Meet

When I mentioned security, I wanted to spotlight the securely designed infrastructure and built-in protection that Google uses to secure users’ information and safeguard their privacy to ensure the best possible experience. Google Meet video meetings are encrypted in transit with an array of default-on anti-abuse measures that keep your sessions safe.

Unlike many other applications, Google meet helps a user to stay organized. One can check all their scheduled meetings and tap on them to join them directly from the Gmail mobile app or the dedicated Meet app. One thing you need is a Google account to create your meeting. You can invite up to 100 members for up to an hour for free, and one on one calls have a time limit of 3 hours.

Features of Google Meet

Other than these exclusive functions, Google Meet has other interesting features:

  • Screen sharing allows the host or any participant permitted by the host to present their screen to all the meeting attendees.
  • Virtual Backgrounds – Google Meet allows all the participants and the host to change their backgrounds during the session.
  • Compatibility – Google meet is compatible with all devices. It doesn’t even require the user to download an application, and you can access it through the web.
  • Controls for meeting hosts:  Google meet allows various features to the host, like muting others, asking them to switch on their videos, allowing only required people inside the meeting, etc.
  • In meeting chat – If someone cannot unmute themselves due to background noises or other reasons, Google meet gives them the feature to type their views on the chatbox.
Google Meet
Google Meet

There are many other specifications that you can explore while using this amazing. Application: Connect with your colleagues, students, classmates, friends, and family. It truly is one of the best video calling apps for PC, with its multi-dimensional functionality.

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At last, I would like to conclude by saying that there are many competitors for Google. Meet, but its ultimate security and user-friendliness make it unique and worth your time and money. This has been our recommendations for the best video calling apps for your PC in 2023. If you want to know 7 Best Dog Schedule Apps. Click Here!

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