Top 7 Best UPI Apps To Use In India [2022]

best upi app

In this digital era, digital transactions and payments have become more widespread. And this is possible by UPI apps. We, in this article, have covered which is the best UPI app to use in 2022. Read till the end to know more about them. And click here to get the best Wii Homebrew apps to use in 2022.

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What is UPI ?

Unified payment interface, commonly known as UPI, is a payment system developed by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI). It is used in the transaction of money from one bank account to another bank account. Specifically, it doesn’t require a bank account number, IFSC code, or any other details except VPA.VPA (Virtual Payment Address) is a unique UPI ID created to send or receive payments. This ID is linked with a UPI-enabled bank account and independent of bank account number or details.

There is a hazardous change in the transaction system after demonetization. Especially in India, it’s noticeable how people have changed the way of sending and receiving money. Not only demonetization, but the pandemic teaches a new way of life. Today is the time of the digital world, and why should money-related activities lag? And one must have knowledge of the best UPI app to use in these times. 

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After the launch of the UPI instant real-time payment service, several banks created their own UPI system. Not only banks but also many other businesses have developed UPI applications for Android, Windows, and other devices. The RBI has given some rules and regulations for UPI systems, and all UPI payment service providers have to follow them. All they do is so.

The way the world is changing and developing with technology, everyone with desire must accept this. Similarly, UPI brought a change in the way of sending or receiving money. 24×7 availability and no need for cheque or NEFT for any transaction attracted a new generation. 

Best UPI Apps That Are Trustworthy

However, there are many UPI apps on the internet. But are all of them worthwhile? No, not. If the digital world has advantages, then it also has disadvantages. For example, many fake applications are available on the internet that is not secure and tries to collect bank details or personal information and fraud people. Hence it is essential to use the best UPI apps.

If you are the one who is going to use the UPI app for yourself, then be aware of fake ones. Therefore, here is a list of best UPI apps that you can believe and come digitally with money.

Google pay

If you are looking for the most secure applications for money transactions, the Google Pay is the best UPI app. The user-friendly interface makes it more attractive and interactive. You can use Google to pay for sending or receiving money. Add a bank account, and it will make shopping, mobile recharge, DTH recharge, travel booking, toll payments, and many other money-related tasks so much easier. 

google pay
google pay

You also get a screen and password lock feature. Furthermore, you can set reminders of monthly or yearly payments. It has no third-party intrusive ads. Beneficially, it gives rewards or cash back through scratch cards. There’s an option of paying by scanning the QR code.

Download: Google Pay.


It is yet another excellent UPI application, outperforming Google Pay in terms of transaction volume. With the functionality of UPI pay, it helps with mobile recharge, DTH recharge, bank transfer, ticket booking, and finding health insurance and cashback on every transaction. User-friendly interface with PhonePe wallet for seamless money activities.


 You can also use the QR code scanning feature and make payments safely. You also get a feature screen lock and a password PIN to keep it private. PhonePe enables money transactions to be completed in minutes.

Download: PhonePe


The most popular application is widely accepted. However, Paytm has a huge user base. Paytm wallet was named one of the best digital wallets. Now it also provides a UPI payment system to its users. It is appealing because of the Paytm wallet, QR code scanner, user-friendly interface, and pay-in-minute features. Mobile recharge, online shopping, ticket booking, electricity bills, LIC premium, and many more features make it the best UPI apps.


You can also top-up money in your wallet. Paytm also offers cashback, rewards and coupons for its users. Payment is fully secure with Paytm, and you can also set locks and keep total access to your bank account.

Download: Paytm

Amazon Pay 

Amazon is a well-known application in the world of eCommerce. But now, it has updated and enabled UPI payments with some clicks. Previously, you only buy your favorite products from Amazon, but now you can also pay for them. It is the best for gift lovers as it gives many more rewards and cashback to its users. 

amazon pay
Amazon Pay

You also get an Amazon wallet in which you can load cash securely, which makes it the best UPI apps. Features like QR scanner, mobile recharge, DTH recharge, travel booking, and many more with shopping specifically. Just one click and shopping, recharge, payment is done safely.

Download: Amazon Pay


It is the one official UPI payment application in India from NPCI. Simply put, it is the reason for the proliferation of UPI applications in the online market. It has standard features such as sending, receiving, paying bills, recharging, booking travel, and requesting payment from others.Hence makes its way to the best UPI apps.

bhim best UPI app
bhim best UPI app

 You can also locate nearby shops that support the UPI standard from the UPI application. Even the Prime Minister has urged citizens to use the BHIM app to assist in digitizing India. And it played a crucial role in India’s digital cyclone.

Download: BHIM


It is also among the best UPI apps in the digital world. You can feel safe with its functionality. That was also a leading and best UPI app a few years ago but lost its popularity in the flood of other popular companies. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the best serviceability.

freecharge best UPI app
freecharge best UPI app

FreeCharge possesses a user-friendly interface with features like Google play, mobile recharge, bill payments, DTH recharge, and many more. Besides the standard functions, you can also order food, book flight tickets, train tickets, and invest in SIPs or mutual funds. It also gives cashback, rewards, and many more.

Download: FreeCharge

Jio Pay

By its name, you can tell its owner’s name. That’s Reliance, a leading company in the digital industry. It also gives a solution for UPI payments to their jio users in the My jio app and is also a best UPI app. In addition to common features such as mobile recharge, bill payments, and ticket booking, it also includes a passbook to track your money transactions in real-time. 

jio pay best UPI app
jio pay best UPI app

You will receive discounts, vouchers, rewards, and cash back as a result of money-related tasks. It will make your life easy with money-related activities and give you security.

Download: Jio Pay


This was our list of the best UPI apps to use in 2022. Though these are all safe and trustworthy, you should be really careful and have double surety while performing transactions. See you guys in the next article!

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