Best Torrent Downloader for Mac in 2021

Torrent has become an indispensable part of our lives. We have listed the best torrent downloader for Mac.


The highlighting feature of qBitTorrent is there is no interference of advertisement and can be used in a wide range of platforms that gain a majority of users. It is an effortless torrent creation and easy to download games and movies without the requirement of any other additional software. Hence, it saves lots of time and money. Since its open-source software, it can be prone to viruses and is considered a significant disadvantage compared to other torrent downloaders. Further, qBitTorrent is mainly designed for advanced users who are expertise in using complicated features of torrent files and hence making it difficult for older generations. qBitTorrent is also compatible with Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD. 


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Folx is also one of the best options for Mac. It enables us to quickly download movies, music, tv shows, and magnet link, etc. The significant feature of the magnet link is it makes downloads and sharing so easy and helps split the downloads into two threads for faster downloading. It has a highly polished interface and mighty torrent, which makes sharing and creating many files possible and less time-consuming. Even though it is a central place for all downloads, it is compatible only with the mac operating system.


However, we can upgrade the PRO version to add more power, which costs around $19.75. The PRO versions have the most significant advantage of displaying all the torrent content and search box to find suitable content with one word instead of browsing various websites. Hence, it saved time and efficiency and secured its place in the top list of Mac app.


uTorrent and BitTorrent shares standard features like being a lightweight app and consuming fewer system resources. No wonder it is one of the best clients. uTorrent’s unique features include automation, scripting, and remote control via mobile, etc. It provides us access to a vast collection of Tv, smartphone or PC, etc. It allows sequential order of downloads which makes it faster and more reliable.


The highlighting feature of uTorrent is its outstanding ability to restrict the speed of heavy applications and increase the speed of downloads when they are various downloads in the background. Adding to its advantage is the usage of a VPN to encrypt all internet traffic so that no one can track what you are browsing. Moving on to its disadvantages, uTorrent needs constant updates to stay on trend and use newer or upgraded versions. Further, there is a growing issue about many unnecessary advertisements while using uTorrent, which pulls down the market for uTorrent. However, you can ignore this by using the PRO version, which isn’t free of charge.


Transmission is one of the trustworthy clients of torrent. It is an efficient, reliable, and multi-platform client of BitTorrent. It consumes less input and works effectively in the low-powered computer as well. Transmission has fast performance and does the job precisely. It runs quietly in the background, is fully automated, and works in full integration with macOS. Adding to its advantages, transmission is highly polished and can be generated fast. It makes clever usage of the system. The feature which distinguishes transmission from others is the counting of interactive notifications. No wonder it is the top-recommended mac torrent app. However, it comes as negativism for higher-end users looking to have more in-depth and complete control, which isn’t possible as it is has a simple design. Therefore, higher-end users can find better alternatives like advanced Folx, etc.


It lacks a deeper level of customization, which makes it unfit for higher-end users. The highlighting feature of transmission is it automatically classifies torrent downloads into different categories and assigns specific locations concerning the categories. It is a lightweight app both in terms of before and after installation. In general, it resembles mac OS and is widely used in Linux boxes and OS X machines.

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It is a renamed and updated version of Azureus and is complicated for new users. Vuze lets users search for torrent and magnets links and supports all modern protocols like PEX, DHY, magnet URLs, etc. It allows the users to manage torrent downloads remotely. A highlighting feather is a built-in search feature that enables users to search and enable the subscription option to download files similar to the user’s favorite torrents. It provides native support for VPNs and is easy to customize. Vuze also supports all mainstream videos format like AVI, XVID, etc, and can even add subtitles.


It is a reliable and efficient torrent the best torrent downloader for mac.


The best torrent apps will provide you with a plethora of features. The ones mentioned above are the best torrent downloader for mac.

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