5 of the Best PPD Sites (Pay per Download) in 2023

PPD (Pay per Download) is an internet advertisement where bloggers and web admins get compensation when someone downloads their files. You always want to choose a website with the biggest reward, no matter why you utilize PPD sites.

best ppd sites

However, testing all of them would take an excessive amount of time. As a result, we conducted research on your behalf and decided to share the 5 of the Best Pay per Download Sites with our readers.

What are the Best PPD Sites?

It is a service provided by networks that provide content downloads such as movies and music and pay content producers according to the number of unique downloads on their website.

PPD Networks

This networks are the most well-known PPD service. They host material from people and organizations and make it available to clients for download. Following that, the network compensates content suppliers for the number of specific user downloads. The network also provides a platform for users who want to publish their material freely.

5 Best PPD Sites of 2023

The following are a few of the highest paying best PPD sites that can help you make a lot of money.

Daily Uploads ( best PPD sites)

For 1000 downloads of your content, they will pay you up to $15. Your files must be at least 1 megabyte in size! Only full downloads will be counted. Don’t take shortcuts! Abuse of the reward system will result in a lifetime ban.

best ppd sites

Your file must be at least 1 MB in size to be eligible for a prize. The website is quite ancient, and many users have trusted it in the past. One of the reasons to use this platform might be because of this. Aside from that, there are other payout options, giving you many options.


Dollar Upload (best PPD sites)

Dollar Upload is one of the top PPD sites for making money online by encrypting any file or program on your computer. You’ll need an account to start posting your files for free, like other comparable services. When you’ve uploaded a file, start sharing the URL with your blog readers or website visitors, and when they try to download it, a popup will display on their screen.

best ppd sites

The offers that the visitor must complete downloading the file will be displayed in the popup. You may secure data and links by locking websites or uploading them. Aside from that, they use the most effective advertising in the market to assure the most significant potential payments. Dollar upload may be a unique option if you wish to make money as a professional.


UsersCloud (best PPD sites)

UsersCloud is a free file hosting service that allows you to store any file, program, tool, or application. It supplies you with a limitless amount of online storage space. They also offer a PPD program through which content producers may make money online by uploading their stuff to their site.

best ppd sites

You submit a file, program, or tool to the platform and begin spreading the file link online. When someone attempts to download the item, he must complete a survey or offer, which is how you earn money online.


Adscend Media (best PPD sites)

Adscend Media is a pay-per-click (CPA) network that links advertisers and publishers. Its headquarters are in Austin, Texas, and it was formed in 2009 by Fehzan Ali and Jeremy Bash. They’re most recognized for their offer wall, survey solutions, and videos. Inc. Magazine, Impact Academy, and Forbes have all recognized the company, with over 35,000 publishers in over 250 countries.

best ppd sites

As an advertiser or a publisher, you may get start with Adscend Media. Publishers may make big money by displaying adverts and offers from that platform on their websites or applications. Watching videos, downloading applications, leads, surveys, purchases, and registrations are examples of adverts that models may deliver.


CPAGrip (best PPD sites)

Compared to the PPD sites, CPAGrip was created in 2011 in the United States, making it a relatively young firm in the CPA sector. However, just because a firm is unique does not preclude it from being reasonable. In reality, the situation is flipped in this case.

best ppd sites

CPAGrip is one of the most well-known firms that specializes in CPA. CPA indicates that the publisher gets compensation for the same job. Aside from that, CPAGrip facilitates collaboration between advertisers and publishers, with the publisher’s role being to push offers to a specified audience by completing a CPA job.


Finally, affiliates are used by all content producers and PPD networks to sell and promote their products. Third-party firms (affiliate networks) use links embedded on their websites to drive visitors to PPD networks.

2 Types of best PPD Sites

They are divided into two categories, as follows:

1. PPD Sites with Survey.

2. PPD Sites Without Survey.

 There are two sorts of ppd sites on the market. The Survey is the first, and the Without Survey is the second. Because 90% of users cannot finish the Survey, survey sites pay the most for each download.

 On the other hand, best Pay per Download sites do not require a survey and pay a very cheap fee for each download because 90% of people can easily download files from them.


PPD Sites are one of the most effective ways to supplement your business’s income. From this list, you may select any PPD website. However, you should constantly consider which sites will pay you the most per 1,000 downloads. Then choose areas that match your requirements. I’m positive that these PPD (Pay per Download) sites will assist you in sharing your files and making profits.

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