The Top 6 Best Photo Organizing Software in 2022

best photo organizing software

In the modern-day, we are blessed to be able to capture moments, memories, feelings, and environments to hold on to. In fact, in a matter of milliseconds, those moments can be captured forever for us. We can look back at them any time we need them. We need something to organize them, and find the best photo organizing software that can help us.

With technological advances, it has never been easier to take a photograph in a moment, whether it is a beautiful sunset, a milestone birthday, or simply breakfast with friends. However, with this comes the all too familiar problem of being unable to sift through an ever-growing sea of photos in order to find the right one on your device. 

Image organization softwares help catalog, tag, and manage hundreds of pictures to help you maintain an efficient and easy platform.

Yes, that’s right – this means no more hunting down specific photographs for hours and scrolling endlessly through your devices or through social media. Given below is our list of the six best photo organizing software available to download online, in no particular order. 

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Top 6 Best Photo Organizing Software in 2022

Here is the list of best photo organizing software for you to use in 2022:

Adobe Bridge 

This photo organizer wizard is an extremely efficient creative asset manager and comes as a companion application for every Adobe Creative Cloud application. You can organize and manage photos and various other forms of data through this application.


You can edit and publish photos online, ascribe them tags and keywords, use labels and rating scales, and search for specific photos using filters. It allows you to manage and organize different photos simultaneously and makes it much simpler for you to maintain your collection of photographs.

Visit: Adobe Bridge

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This is the free and best photo organizing software that can help make your life so much easier when it comes to managing and organizing all your photographs. Mylio works offline and can sync with your calendar to automatically organize your photos based on their capturing time. It maintains your collection of photos on all your available devices, which means you are not restricted to accessing any photo through just one device. 


This software also makes sure that any changes you make on Mylio are reflected across all your devices and uses facial recognition to help tag photographs to make them easier to find. 

Visit: Mylio

Phototheca 3

This photo editing and photo organizing software helps declutter photographs. It will sort to view them in an efficient and organized manner. Phototheca 3 is an application made for your PC that enables you to tag photographs and videos. You can also remove duplicate photos, and create albums and upload them online.


This software also makes it easier to import photos to your PC from cameras, smartphones, and memory cards. It gives you an incredible amount of control to not only label and organize all your photos but also to create an album or library to suit your personal, organizational needs. 

Visit: Phototheca 3

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Google Photos 

A classic when it comes to photo organizers softwares, you cannot go wrong with this platform. Not only can you back up an unlimited number of photographs and video, but you can also access them at any time, from any device, as long as you have wifi access. Google Photos gives you complete freedom to create your own album and tags. But, it also automatically organizes and tags your photos for you based on the subjects captured in your photographs. 

google photos
Google photos

It also allows you to create shared albums with your friends and family. Most importantly, it achieves all this free of cost. You can easily find a photo from an event by simply searching for the place or things present in your photograph. This makes it the best photo management software.

Visit: Google Photos

ON1 Photo RAW

Unlike many other softwares, ON1 provides you with an open system for organizing, managing, and editing your photographs. It gives you complete control over your storage methods. You can easily sift through hundreds of photos to apply ratings and labels. And, also create shortcuts to access your favorite albums. 


Keywords, as well as additional information relevant to an event, can be added to photographs, and they can also be seen based on their editing history. This makes it easier for you to bring up photographs. That too according to the timeline of when you last worked on them.

Visit: ON1

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BigMIND Photography

This digital photo organizer software takes the demands of the back-up. It helps in organizing millions of photographs through an affordable platform. BigMIND Photography uses artificial intelligence to simplify the complex processes that are necessary to manage photos on a large scale. It automatically analyses and structures photographs and enables you to access them at any time, from anywhere through a mobile or computer. 


It also utilizes artificial intelligence to search for specific photographs that appear in them, making it easy to find particular photos even in the absence of tags or labels. You can also search for photos by camera type, location, date, size, and quality. It also catalogs photos through facial recognition.

Visit: BigMind


So check out all the softwares in this list of best photo organizing software for this year. Make sure find the one that suits you the most!

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