The Nintendo Switch is a versatile all-in-one entertainment package. Since it only runs at a modest 1080p at 60FPS when docked, this console doesn’t require as much power as its rivals. While most people can get by with a standard LED TV, the best monitors for Nintendo switch occasionally offer a superior alternative due to their small size and reduced input lag

Using the information in this article, you may choose the gaming monitor that best meets your needs. Some of the best monitors for Nintendo Switch are Asus VG245H, Dell S2418H, Dell SE2417HGX, Lepow Z1, Acer SB220Q, Acer R240HY bidx, Scepter C278W-1920R, Dell S2719H, and more Nintendo switch monitors you may know in this article. 

Game developers and fans love the Nintendo Switch as a platform and need the best monitors for Switch. But with a larger display screen, players can appreciate the experience! Consider a few crucial elements before purchasing the finest monitor for Nintendo Switch. 

Best Monitors for Nintendo Switch

There are various monitors available for Nintendo switch. We make a list of some of the best monitors for Nintendo switch.

Asus VG245H

With its unique visual experience & gaming features, the Asus VG245H enhances gaming motion controls & display color performance and comes among the best monitors for Nintendo Switch. You can play the best games uninterrupted with its FreeSync technology, a Nintendo Switch monitor that operates at a 75Hz refresh rate! However, the best display for the Nintendo Switch is this 24-inch model because it has twin HDMI ports and a minimal input lag time of just 1 millisecond.asus vg245h
The Asus VG248QE offers eye care technology ideal for gamers who spend a lot of time in front of the screens. It has a blue light filter to block off UV rays, which cause eyestrain and low refresh rates. The monitor’s flicker-free technologies, so you won’t have to worry about getting headaches while playing console or PC strategy games on Switch.

The best gaming monitor for Nintendo Switch has just been introduced, and it is a great system for gamers of all kinds. You can change this screen to whichever you like!

Buy: Asus VG245H

Dell S2418H

Compared to other monitors on the market, the Dell S2418H has several unique qualities. It comes among the best monitors for Nintendo switch, especially its expansive 24-inch FHD display. Due to its more recent technology, its LED backlight will guarantee that your games appear their finest in bright settings while saving you s2418hn

But Dell didn’t only want gamers to have all the fun—they also expressly created this screen for Nintendo Switch users! Suppose Dell’s elegant design wasn’t enough of a selling point. In that case, we also have IPS (In-Plane Switching) Technology, which addressed problems with the twisted nematic field-effect transistor matrix LCD panels that were common in the late 1980s.

This monitor was made to be your friend & has a pleasant output voice tone. This monitor’s IPS technology has a response time of 1 ms, shorter than other nematic panels mostly on the market. Even so, it outperforms every other panel on the market in terms of color quality and coverage. It is one of the best monitors for Nintendo switch.

Buy: Dell S2418H

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Lepow Z1

The Nintendo Switch is compatible with so many various monitors. This 15.6-inch gaming monitor provides the best visual effect without wearing out your eyes during use, with protection that keeps you active rather than focusing on eye tiredness!

Because it has ports, this inexpensive monitor is great for gaming. With its HDMI and USB ports, you can connect your PC, laptop, Nintendo Switch, and XBOX to this 15.6-inch Lepow portable display. It’s lightweight at 1.7 pounds and thin at 0.3 inches.lepow z1

An intelligent cover has been made to protect the screen. The screen protector is constructed of PU leather, which offers the monitor’s entire surface great protection. Hence, the best monitors for Nintendo switch.

Additionally, it functions as a stand. It includes two high-quality speaker notes which incorporate into the device.

Buy: Lepow Z1

Dell SE2417HGX

One of the top best monitors for Nintendo switch with anti-glare technology is the Dell SE2417HGX. The screen on this system monitor is crystal clear and has an FHD resolution of 1080pX1920 pixels. Therefore, it provides more visual information than a High Definition resolution screen and has eye-care features like flicker-free. Additionally, Nintendo Switch is compatible with se2417hgx

You must change the monitor’s settings. According to Dell’s three-year servicing, you can change the monitor. There is also a stand that you may use to change the position for seating. Due to AMD Radeon FreeSync technology, this display works with all operating systems and enhances gameplay with smoother, crisper transitions.

Buy: Dell SE2417HGX

Acer R240HY

The cheapest 24″ monitor is the Acer R240HY. The screen is IPS and has a 1920 x 1080 resolution. This one is the finest HDMI gaming monitor that works with the Nintendo Switch. This monitor may connect through HDMI input, VGA, or DVI and has a reaction time of 4 ms. The 24-inch monitor’s refresh rate is 60 hertz. The screen can be seen better from the edges thanks to the zero frame design.acer r240hy

The style of this Acer monitor is ideal for productivity & multimedia applications, so those looking for a tight-cost monitor should be aware of that. It is lovely for one of the best monitors for Nintendo Switch owners and has a stylish stand and thin bezels.

Buy: Acer R240HY

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Specter C278W-1920R

Nintendo Switch is compatible with the 27-inch curved display FHD LED monitor known as the Specter C278W-1920R. Despite being the optimum size of 27 inches, this monitor’s pricing is extremely reasonable because it is similar to 24-inch displays. It is affordable and includes many nice features that Nintendo Switch gamers will like.specter c278w-1920r

The Nintendo Switch monitor is what it is. It offers a quick 5 ms response time and a 178-degree viewing angle on both the horizontal and vertical axes. It features other connectors, like DisplayPort, VGA, and fantastic built-in speakers, and connects to the best monitors for Nintendo Switch‘s HDM port. The good news is that Amazon has a favorable refund policy for this item. If you receive this product and it is broken, you may return it. 

Buy: Specter C278W-1920R 


Is docking needed in every Switch?

When docked & connected to a TV, the Nintendo Switch's internal GPU can run games in full HD 1080p resolution. However, the power distribution output only produces 720p or 480i in its undocked mode.

How can I use my laptop to connect to my Nintendo Switch so I can play on an external monitor?

The Nintendo Switch may make you wonder if your laptop can connect. Unfortunately, there are a few reasons why it is not feasible. First, your laptop's HDMI-OUT port is for video output only; it is not for video input.

What kind of connection can I make with a Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch connects via wired connections only. The Switch's dock is located on the back of the console, and you must attach the proper cable to it. Only the TV mode uses this kind of connection.

Does the Nintendo Switch work with monitors?

You can play games compatible with one of the best monitors for Nintendo Switch, on its 7-inch screen, a TV, or an additional monitor using a gadget called Nintendo Switch, which also has a dock and a detachable joystick.


We have tried to cover the best monitors for Nintendo switch and hope you like them. Over TV, monitors are typically the best for gaming. High screen resolution, quick refresh rates, and high frame rates are just a few advantages monitors have over TVs. It would help if you had these features for a fluid gameplay experience. 

The Nintendo Switch fits the same criteria. Your Nintendo Switch game will run more smoothly on a monitor instead of a TV. The drawback of using displays for Nintendo Switch is that the monitor costs more to buy than a TV with the same functionality.

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