8 Best Kodi Movie Addons For Watching Free Movie In 2022

best kodi movie addons 2022

You can access a vast library of content anytime with a few clicks. Of course, movies fall under this as well. This post will discuss this as we outline the best Kodi movie addons in 2022.

Before continuing, we’d like to emphasize that the following addons are suggested after extensive testing. We set out to give only the most useful and best Kodi movie addons in 2022 available, and we believe we have accomplished this goal.

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Top 8 Best Kodi Movie Addons In 2022

Our recommendations as a whole provide you with access to thousands of movie titles as well as other kinds of entertainment. Therefore, whichever genre of movies you enjoy watching, you’ll undoubtedly discover something intriguing. In this section, we’re going to tell you about the 8 best Kodi movie addons for watching free movies.

Netflix Addon For Kodi

You can include Netflix with the best Kodi addons if you use it as a mediafree streaming service. To install and use this addon, however, you must use Kodi 18 or Kodi 19, as older versions of the program are not compatible with Netflix.

netflix on kodi

Once everything is set up, you can browse your Netflix library and stream almost any movie on the service. There are numerous content categories and multiple user accounts supported by the Netflix Kodi addon.

Download: Netflix on Kodi

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iPlayer WWW

You might be startled to learn that we suggest Kodi movie addons. This broadcaster, however, provides a lot more content than only TV episodes and documentaries.

iplayer on kodi

This broadcaster provides a free online platform called iPlayer that is accessible to everyone in the UK. And maybe more crucially, you’ll discover the iPlayer WWW Kodi addon, which brings all of BBC’s content to your Kodi. It is from one of the best Kodi movie addons in 2022.

Download: iPlayer WWW

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Unblocking YouTube’s US version is necessary if you wish to use all its features. People who want to view movies for free should take note of this in particular. 

YouTube can be an effective platform if you know how to use it. It’s not only for watching videos. As a result, the best Kodi addons offer access to a wealth of content from this source.

youtube on kodi

One may also claim that the YouTube addon is one of Kodi users’ favorite plugins. Therefore, a lot of updates that enhance playback quality and provide new features are to be expected. Finally, the YouTube Kodi addon for movies is undoubtedly one of the must-haves and works flawlessly even on earlier iterations of the software.

Download: Youtube

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Pluto. TV

Pluto.TV is a TV streaming service and a Kodi addon. Along with various free TV stations, it offers 24/7 live broadcasts “themed.” Therefore, you can use this addon in place of a cable TV package.

To put it another way, you can change channels at any time to see whether anything is interesting to watch. As a result, cord-cutters who want to rely solely on Kodi should find this a suitable option.

pluto tv on kodi

Pluto.TV offers on-demand movies and TV series in addition to live TV stations. Thanks to slick UI and smooth channel switching, you may stream movies on demand and up to HD.

Download: Pluto. TV

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Films for Action

We must acknowledge that “Films for Action” isn’t your standard Kodi addon for movies. Instead, it focuses on educational films created by independent people and businesses. There are already more than 4,500 titles available, with documentaries dominating the list.

Films for Action isn’t just about documentaries, though.

film for action on kodi

It involves telling several kinds of stories from a variety of viewpoints. Additionally, its material doesn’t concentrate on a certain set of subjects. 

This page has negligible broken links because all of its movies seem to play without issues. New movies are also coming out, so there is always something entertaining to watch.

Download: Film For Action

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A free independent streaming service for movies is called Crackle (supported by ads). It is one of the best kodi movie addons. It began as a Web-based application and is now available on almost all platforms, including Kodi.

What’s surprising is that you can discover a Kodi genesis addon that is fully functional and gives you access to Crackle on your big-screen TV. Even though the addon might have a few occasionally broken links, this isn’t a significant drawback.

crackle on kodi

You won’t find the newest blockbusters here, as you might expect. This platform has just begun to offer original content, encouraging its continued growth.

Download: Crackle

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Popcornflix is an OTT service introduced ten years ago and is entirely free. It is supported by advertisements and is accessible on many other platforms, including Kodi. 

You can access an intriguing library of films by utilizing this addon, many of which are masterpieces. Therefore, there’s a good probability that Popcornflix has the vintage movies you feel you missed watching.

popcorn flix on kodi

We must admit that Popcornflix has recently put a lot of effort into expanding its movie selection. There is also a good collection of more recent films, like Drinking Buddies, The Double, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, The Void, Europa Report, and many others. Additionally, if you enjoy older films, this is the place for you.

Download: Popcornflix

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A distributor of movies and television shows, FilmRise also provides a streaming service. FilmRise offers content through various alternative media streaming platforms, but it also has channels accessible through Kodi-free movies.

filmrise on kodi

The Kodi addon for FilmRise acts as a portal to its YouTube channel. In other words, you’ll be able to browse FilmRise’s frequently updated YouTube channel, adding fresh content to Kodi every week.

Download: FilmRise

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Is Kodi Safe and Legal to Use to Watch Movies?

Yes, using Kodi to stream movies is safe and legal, but only if you utilize addons available through the app's official repository. You are allowed to choose any of those addons and utilize them without worrying in the slightest. This is due to the lawful content the addons provide. Additionally, because the Kodi team has checked them, they don't include any malware, injected code, or other data manipulations.

Can You Use Kodi Movie Addons to Watch Movies Still in Theaters?

Yes, you may use Kodi to watch movies still playing in cinemas. However, since we're currently discussing copyright infringement and piracy, that doesn't mean you should do that. Additionally, illicit content frequently originates from 'unofficial' addons (available online) that are unsafe to utilize because copyright infringement is something to be not taken lightly.

What is Kodi's free cross-platform media player?

After setting up Kodi, a free cross-platform media player, you may view your media anytime and from any device. You can watch and enjoy free movies, TV series, live TV, sports, and more with the Kodi app for Android or PC.


When discussing the best Kodi movie addons 2022 for a particular market segment, most community addons resemble one another. Regarding the top Kodi movie addons for 2022, you only need five addons to cover most of the movie genres; the most important factors are the caliber of the content and the dependability of the streaming links.

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