It is a helpful feature that the Kodi extension determines the best multimedia buffer settings. Read this guide thoroughly to learn about the best kodi addon for 3d movies. You can fetch here numerous Kodi addons.

Whatever kind it is, the panel is a two-dimensional object. We cannot alter that. The objective is a three-dimensional structure, on the other extreme. There are a few best Kodi addon for 3d movies given here. Exodus 3D movies, the Pyramid, and BoB Unleashed are a few of them.

Organizing specific content categories is the emphasis of Kodi’s official extensions. However, third parties are also free to create additional categories. Read our article on the top Kodi vaults if you’re seeking a place to begin.

3D movies Kodi- all about

A display is a two-dimensional thing, regardless of the type. We are powerless to change that. On the contrary hand, the goal is a structure with three dimensions. It should come as no surprise that individuals have been trying to produce 3D pictures on 2D equipment for quite a while.

The development of technology has provided us with every detail we need to create a convincing 3D illusion on 2D displays.

3d kodi addons

Human perception is three-dimensional because we use both eyes to view the world. And because each eye sees things from a distinct viewpoint, the mind perceives a third dimension.

How 3D Images Work

We need to figure out a way to show two different images—one for each eye—and ensure that every eye only perceives the image it intends to view to imitate 3D. When doing this, you typically have to wear 3D spectacles, which allow each eye to perceive how it should as the device rapidly displays pictures over the left and right vision.

Setting Up a 3D Home Entertainment System for Kodi

To effectively experience 3D entertainment at your residence, you initially require three components: a 3D-capable television, desktop monitor, or projector. 3D TVs are now more accessible than ever before. Additionally, a 3D TV can display 2D content, negating the need for a separate 3D TV.

glasses 3d

You’ll also require a set of 3D glasses. Certainly, you’ll require one for each viewer. Furthermore, they cannot be any old 3D glasses. The capabilities of the television must match theirs. Many television makers employ techniques to control how every pupil perceives (no pun intended).

Finding 3D Content

The final component you require—and arguably the most crucial—is 3D content. There aren’t many places to get these. The 3D Blu-ray disc, which, incidentally, necessitates a 3D Blu-ray player, is likely the most visible. Furthermore, you can download 3D films in a variety of digital formats.

person finding 3d content

The Kodi extensions we’re introducing today provide access to these 3D movies. Each of the different three-dimensional electronic film codecs remains compatible with three-dimensional screens.

Best Kodi addon for 3d movies

See here further to learn about some of the best Kodi addon for 3d movies.

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Exodus 3d movies Kodi

The majority of Kodi consumers utilize extensions for the content player. When you go to the Kodi web page, they offer a section wherein you can view all of the currently famous extensions for the software.

Exodus is a popular and widely used Kodi addon. It provides customers access to a vast collection of films and TV series. Having discarded the earlier version, the Exodus creators just launched Exodus Redux, an updated edition of the addon.

exodus kodi addon

You can view practically anything you desire with the viewing extension Exodus Redux on the Kodi platform. It offers consumers quick and dependable streaming of more recent films, TV series, and some well-liked older ones.

You’ll have a choice of numerous certified links that let you download television shows and films straight to your television after you download the Exodus Redux Kodi extension. Downloading the Exodus Redux extension should be fine whether you use Kodi Leia or Kodi Matrix.

The Pyramid

Additionally, Tom Braider’s Pyramid extension has been within for some time. It mixes every aspect, as most all-in-one add-ons do. On-demand movies, TV series, and investigations are available with the Pyramid add-on. Additionally, it offers live IPTV with British sports. It has a kids’ area and an additional Kodi zone.

the pyramid kodi addon

This special section contains videos concerning Kodi, such as tutorials, assessments, and how-to tips.

The Motive of The Pyramid 3D

By selecting Film Zone from the main menu, followed by 3D Movies, you will discover 3D films in The Pyramid. There are about 200 titles, which is an adequate collection. The list is arranged alphabetically and includes more animated films than other add-ons.

the pyramid 3d content

The Pyramid is a thorough all-in-one augmentation. It includes all the typical fare, including films, TV series, sports, kid-friendly material, music, television shows, and broadcasting networks. Additionally, it has a special function called the Kodi Zone, which includes numerous videos concerning Kodi—plenty of reviews of add-ons, instructional videos, etc.

Installing the Pyramid Add-on

  1. Hit the System Configuration button on the Kodi homepage to get started. It is the tiny gear in the upper left corner of the display.
  2. Select the file menu on the display for system preferences. Hit followed by double-clicking Add image in the left window. Select OK after entering the original URL url for the installation of pyramid addon
  3. Enter ZT (which signifies Zero Acceptance, the directory’s name) in the space that says “Come into a title for the media source” and press Submit.
  4. Verify everything is accurate before clicking OK a second time to save the new origin. Tap Add-ons in the left panel when you are once more on the Kodi dashboard.back on dashboard for further installation
  5. On the display’s highest left, select the Extension Internet Explorer Icon. It resembles an unlocked box.Installing repository file
  6. Download from the zip file by clicking. After that, click the recently selected ZT source. To start the repository installation, click
  7. A notice in the screen’s upper-right corner can verify the functioning source download. Choose Install from storage while still on the Extension Internet Explorer screen.pyramid addon 4
  8. Select the location for Zero Tolerance Repository.selecting location for zero tolerance repository
  9. Click Video add-ons next, and finally, select The Pyramid to finish.selecting the pyramid for installation
  10. After that, the Pyramid add-on information page will to install the pyramid addon
  11. Tap the Install link in the bottom right corner of the Pyramid extension details page to start the add-on’s activation.

BoB unleashed

BoB Unlimited, which sprung out of a BoB add-on, gave rise to BoB Unleashed. This implies that this person is experienced. It is yet another comprehensive add-on, however significantly dissimilar from the first. bob unleased kodi addonAlthough its structure is unclear, and finding content can be difficult, it is a great addition in terms of variety.

Unbound 3D Content by The BoB

In Bob Unleashed, the 3D films are tucked away fairly deeply. Launch the Thunder portion first, followed by Movies and 3D Movies. You’ll discover a collection of around 200 3D films arranged quite alphabetically.

bob unleashed content

Where should I start? This is a sizable addition with numerous distinct subsections. Some of them function like add-ons within add-ons. Kids’ material, music, TV, and documentaries are available—entertainment, box packages, etc., for women. There are also parts created by different designers, each with various segments.

How to set up the Add-On for BoB Unleashed

  1. Hit the System Options icon on the Kodi dashboard to get started. It is the tiny gear in the upper left corner of the display.
  2. Tap the file menu on the display for system preferences.add source in kodi
  3. Choose None> after double-clicking Add Source in the left pane.
  4. Select Accept after entering the source URL for media source
  5. We have to assign the Source a name that makes sense. a concept superior to the standard portal. Type NAN (for Noobs & Nerds, the directory’s term) in the area underneath “Enter a title for the media resource” and press OK.
  6. Verify everything is accurate before clicking OK a second time to save the new origin.bob unleashed kodi addon installed
  7. Watch for the last notification at the highest right of the display verifying the installation of the BoB Unbound add-on.

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How to watch 3d movies on Kodi

Users are not breaking any regulations by installing the Kodi program and utilizing most of its functions. However, many add-ons and services that can be set up on Kodi and include pirated media are available online. Many of the well-known extensions that you’ll discover when researching free movie streaming on Kodi may need to be clarified by your ISP.

kodi movies

You must possess a gadget that can truly stream in 3D resolution to experience 3d on Kodi. Utilizing glasses with three dimensions is a further topic in this. You will also require 3D content. A 3D Blu-ray disc, which also needs a 3D Blu-ray player, is an especially prevalent means. Of course, you may also utilize a Kodi add-on similar to the one we are presenting to you right now.

Kodi can convert the decrypted video to the specified export method and knows the 3D embedding of the video. Usually, Kodi is conscious of the video’s 3D encoding and, following deciphering, adapts the video’s 3D format to the required output option for the display. For viewing 3D films, utilize Kodi add-ons.

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On Kodi, where is the system's Options symbol?

To get started, hit the System Options tab on the Kodi dashboard. You will find it as the tiny gear in the upper left corner of the display.

How does Kodi handle 3D HDMI displays?

This activates 'Hardware-based' that specific monitor in Kodis' 'stereoscopic 3D option' choice. Additionally, it makes the 'Change agreement' part of the NVidia Management Panels' ''Kodi 3d addon' methods 1080p24 and 720p50/60 available. To play back three-dimensional in Kodi, the above resolutions are not required to be expressly chosen; alternatively, select 'Hardware driven,' the initial 3D option, and turn on frame rate shifting. When engaging back 3D films, Kodi will seamlessly transition to 1080p24 frame packaging.

If the add-ons are removed, can anyone continue to utilize Kodi?

Addons are an especially crucial component of Kodi, and I'll likely say that three times in this article. But despite the add-ons, you can't do much. I'm trying to argue that even without the builds, Kodi continues to be used without any extensions.

Which VPN is the best for Kodi streaming?

After testing and evaluating numerous VPNs, IPVanish stands out as the top VPN for Kodi viewing. Most media material has geographic restrictions in various countries, which is the cause. A network of servers scattered across over 50 nations allows IPVanish to get around regional restrictions easily.


Overall, if you’re sticking your toes into 3D footage, the extensions above will be an appropriate place to start. But if you don’t utilize a VPN, like Shellfire VPN, you’re leaving yourself wide open to all kinds of problems. If you are looking for how to install genesis reborn on kodi, check it out.

The most dependable method for maintaining security when using the internet is a VPN. VPNs are useful for viewing additionally, as they offer a variety of filtering tools that allow your device to keep accessing the network. Although 3D video streaming requires a lot of equipment, including a 3D device and 3D glasses, it is typically very simple.

Viewers of Kodi can presently watch 3D videos through these streams after learning the best Kodi addon for 3d movies.

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