10 Best Folder Locks For PC To Ensure Your Privacy

best folder lock for pc

The security of your data is critical, and it is now more than ever. Advanced technology has only increased the audacity of such nefarious characters.  Fortunately, you have specific tools at your disposal to protect yourself from such attacks.best folder lock for pc

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The use of folder lock software to secure your files against the occurrences outlined above is the most prominent of these methods. You can protect your files by storing them in a folder locker.

A good folder lock for PC will prohibit unauthorized access to the folder’s contents by anyone who isn’t supposed to have access to it. Security experts strongly suggest folder lock software not just for corporate systems but also for personal devices.

Folder Lock

Folder lock is a stylish and best folder locks for PC  that works wonders on Windows 10, Mac, and Android devices. It contains many critical features that work together to secure your information from unauthorized access and unwanted attacks.

Its user interface is stunning, with all of the essential features neatly organized and immediately accessible on the left-hand side of the screen. You may quickly encrypt your sensitive data and protefolder lock appct them with a strong password, shred files that you don’t want anyone to see, and back up all of your critical information on the system.

You may also use the Folder lock’s password security feature to encrypt your CDs and USB devices. Its real-time cloud syncing feature is especially beneficial for saving sensitive information by creating cloud-based secure lockers.


SecretFolder is a free and one of the best folder locks for PC that includes basic functionality and makes locking your folders on a Windows device very simple. You need to add the folders or files you want to secure to SecretFolder’s interface, and your selected data will be hidden or password-protected in no time.

secret folder

Another great feature of SecretFolder is that you can’t uninstall a file without first entering the password. Because hackers frequently try to attack critical programs on your device, this is incredibly valuable.

However, the application has several limitations, such as the fact that it does not immediately lock your folder when you close it. Every time you open and close it, you must do so manually.

Gilisoft File Lock Pro

Gilisoft outperforms many similar programs by providing a military-grade encryption solution that can safeguard your hard drives, memory cards, flash drives, thumb drives, and network drives, among other devices.gilisoft file locker

Thanks to Gilisoft’s clear and clever user interface and comprehensive functionality, hiding or password protecting your file is a breeze. It uses the same tried-and-true encryption formula, requiring you to drag and drop the files you want to encrypt onto Gillisoft’s interface and protect them with a password.

Gilisoft File Lock Pro’s services are available in various languages, depending on your preferences. To aid you in your journey, you can modify custom settings to choose from languages such as English, Czech, or Chinese, among many others.


HiddenDIR is a fantastic free PC folder lock that allows users to hide their vital files from the system. The program is quite simple to use. Open it, click the hide button, and pick the folder you wish to conceal to use the tool. Your folder will be hidden from everyone on the device in a matter of seconds.hidden dir best folder lock for pc

Choose the folders that were designated to be hidden and click the unhide button to reveal the file. You may also set a password for a specific folder by selecting the big password button on the tool’s UI.

IObit Protected Folder

IObit Protected Folder is one of the best folder locks for PC. IObit’s increased privacy and protection feature is unlike anything else on the market today. It goes above and beyond by encrypting virtual folders on your Windows device and requiring a password to access them, regardless of who is using it.iobit protected folder

It can safeguard your files against any threats, from illegal access to harmful software attacks. IObit can also make your files invisible in one fell swoop, in addition to its main selling point.


Lock-A-Folder keeps the legacy of being a very basic and easy-to-use folder locker for your device going on this list. Enter the location of the folder you want to lock or secure with a password, and all of your sensitive data will be closed and protected from prying eyes in no time.lock-a-folder

With the ‘Change Master Password’ option, you can easily set or adjust your password, and the security you gain is impregnable. The tool also takes very little space on your device and is best suited for use on a Windows XP computer.

However, the tool has several limitations, such as the fact that it does not allow you to encrypt your files. Despite this, it has a password-protection option, which is quite decent.

Secret Disk

Due to its powerful and intelligent automated folder lock technology, Secret Disk already outperforms its competition. Few solutions provide this capability. But Secret Disk fills that hole with a tool capable of protecting your files on Windows.

Secret Disk allows you to password protect or make your files invisible simply.secret disk Furthermore, when you close your folders or a power outage, the program automatically locks them.

Secret Disk does not encrypt your files, which may turn off certain users. However, it still has a significant advantage in password-protecting your files and creating a new safe disc on your hard drive.

Folder Guard

Although Folder Guard contains many of the same characteristics as the ‘Folder Lock’ utility we previously discussed on this list, it is an entirely new and separate beast. It can not only encrypt, password-protect, and hide your data from prying eyes, but it can also safeguard them from viruses and malware.folder guard

The Folder Guard is one of the Best folder locks for PC and handles this dual role with dexterity, ensuring that your files are protected from unwanted access, hacking, and virtual theft. It also can back up files in a password-protected database, which is a fantastic feature.


WinZip is a fantastic program for zipping and unzipping files. However, few people are aware of its file-protection features, which are deserving of praise in and of themselves. WinZip makes it simple to encrypt your zipped or unzipped files.winzip

When it comes to selecting the amount of Encryption you wish to safeguard your information, WinZip provides several alternatives. It is said to have the most potent banking level encryption, and Encryption is also quite simple to use.

Simply open the encryption tab in the tool’s ‘Action’ section, choose an encryption level, add the files you want to encrypt, and set a password. You have complete control over your encryptions and passwords.


The WinRAR is an excellent file compression software, and that is how it is commonly referred to and used. However, like WinZip before it, this application contains a highly effective encryption scheme that most people are unaware of.winrar

WinRAR makes it simple to encrypt your files and keep them safe from prying eyes online. It also enables safe file transmission by ensuring that your files are protected and secure. 

Individuals can have peace of mind while their files are in transit. Thanks to its verified signature technology and 256-bit password encryption. The program is optimized for Windows 10 and is available in more than 40 languages.


In this article, you got to know about which best folder locks for PC is suitable for your device. We hope you found this article helpful.

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