Best Folder Lock For PC | Top 13 Picks of 2023

best folder lock for pc

In this era of technology, especially in electronic devices connected to the Internet, people want to secure there all their data through a file protector. People always be seeking the best software which helps them in securing their data and details. Keeping all your personal information and data in a particular folder by locking it in a piece of cake with Windows 10, you need to have an efficient folder for your Windows 10 PC at your workplace or home.

Here are some of the most popular files and folder locker software or the best folder lock for pc which will keep your data is safe and secure. All best folder lock software for Windows 10 already knows that it comes with a file protection feature, but it has limitations that keep your files saved from hackers. Hackers are always in a chance to steal all your essential data from your PCs. Every other day has a new technology for hackers to enter your PC and steal your data, so as antivirus is and your folder may lock all your data and keep it safe from anyone. Also, click here for android lock screen customization apps.

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Why File And Folder Lock Software For PC?

All the electronic device users who use Windows 10 before operating their system need to have plenty of third parties, including folder lock software available for Windows 10. These local files software is user-friendly and can be used in encryption techniques for securing your data. It will also provide your data in a private space and keep it safe from your family and friends.

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How It Can Be Useful For Windows 10?

Everyone who uses the Internet or a user of an electronic device needs some privacy to protect their data from unwanted people to seek their details. However, Windows and Mac have their feature available to keep the folder hidden from the unknown; a person with little knowledge of the computer can easily unhide the folder and access the data secure in that folder. This is the only hiding option that only hides the file but does not lock the file.

Therefore, people usually think that they only need file locker software when using a sharing computer which is not an indeed. Either you are using a sharing computer or not, you may have any sensitive data that you need to lock, and you require a software locker for that.

Password Protect Folder Software

There are plenty of good things about folder lock software in your windows. Even if you are not willing to hide your files, you may set it to permission, and without your consent, no one can access that details. This is a type of security feature provided by folder lock software, and it is also an essential feature for your safety of data.

password protect your folders
Password Protect your Folders

Here is a top list of best file add folder blocks software available for Windows 10.

Unfortunately, not all electronic devices come up with folder lock software, so that you may go for either the paid or free folder locks software for your Windows 10. although Windows 10 has its feature of folder lock software, it is an easy task to unlock the file and seek the documents or access your files without even your permission. But now you have file and folder lock software in your PC which is of any company the list is as follows-

Lobit Protected Folder

As per search, this is the top choice for all who are looking for the best file and folder lock software for their window 10. In this folder, the user can interface clean, and simple it will not create an issue to use it. Fortunately, it is a lightweight design and does not impact the speed of the computer. It helps you protect all types of data and details like photos, videos, documents, and other personal data.

This folder comes with high-level and straightforward protection, which keeps all your files safe from the unknown seeker. The best part of this Lobit folder is that a user can hide the folder from its PC, and no one can even see them. Also, if you don’t want to hide your files, you may create restrictions or barriers for excessing. It is kind of the best folder lock for pc.

lobit protected folder.
Lobit Protected Folder.

This comes in both the version best folder lock for pc either paid or free, and you may go for a version of it that fits in your budget. Just for the information, the paid version will be providing the more advanced feature of security.


  •  It is an excellent tool that prevents your files for accessing by a stranger.
  •  It will keep your file log even if you are not surfing on your computer
  •  This folder supports the windows system operator.

 Visit: Lobit Protected Folder.

Gilisoft Folder Lock Software

This folder is pro software for locking your data and protecting all types of folders and files saved inside your computer or outside your computer in a USB drive locker. This means that you can also watch the data present in your USB drive or external hard disk. It also comes with both types of versions, either free or paid versions.

It helps you in protecting your files on a LAN network. Any professional who is using a computer laptop or PC’ has become the daily need of their daily routine to keep their sensitive data in computer safely and securely.

gilisoft folder lock software
Gilisoft Folder Lock Software

Gilisoft Is a profile protector that provides you with military-grade data protection and keeps your files protected from reading mode. Mac and Android device users can access this folder.


  • Does not allow anyone to uninstall this folder without entering a password.
  •  offers you the disk Viper to clean all your unused data and disk space
  • If you forgot your password, you may re-enter it by predefining it in your Mail.

 Visit: Gilisoft Folder Lock Software

Secret Disk

This provides you the feature for protecting a portion of your hard disk by entering the password for protection and keep all your data secretly saved in disk software. With this disk secret folder lock software, a user can create a separate hard disk and password for protecting some of the few data clicks.

This provides you an extra part of the hard disk to make it hidden and protect it by a password. This also comes in a free and paid version. The free version will provide you the freedom to create an extra disc up to three GB, whereas a paid version will provide you the feature of creating as many additional discs as you want to make.

secret desk for windows
Secret Desk for Windows

This folder is quite different from other folder lock software for Windows 10 as it does not encrypt your file. It’s extra space and features your file there, and is protected by a password; it also provides you the access to hide your disk.


  •  Supports Windows operating system.
  • Limit access to your files.
  • Standardize process your data And protocols.

Visit: Secret Disk

Lock and Hide Folder

Fourth, on the list, for the best folder lock for pc, this software is enhanced with the motive to help in the protection of your niche-sensitive information and details. It allows you to hide your files by using a shortcut.

lock and hide folder
lock and hide folder

Therefore this application will help you in preventing the access of your file from the prompt command. It is a fully paid folder lock software for Windows but securely protects your files very simply.


  • You can remove your files permanently from this folder.
  •  It cannot be hacked or reinstalled by any individual forehead.
  • This will start running after switching on your window.

Visit: Lock and Hide folder

 Folder Lock

This software allows you to lock your directories and files by enabling you to reset the password for accessing the drives. You may sync and encrypt all your backup files. This is open-source software that is free for use add to provides the user a good option who wants to hide and protect their file folder from the foreign without even spending a single penny.

folder lock
Folder Lock

This software lock folder is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows Vista.


  • Allow you to set passwords easily to protect your external drive and USB also.
  • You can easily clean your window history.
  • You can backup all your files in real-time.

Visit: Folder Lock

Wise Folder Hider

This software application provides you with all the best features of securely hiding your all private images, videos, and files from the computer.

wise folder hider
Wise Folder Hider

This software offers you the second level of password protection connected with your phone from a specific folder or a file. You can easily exist the password and bring it to your mobile.


  •  You can also protect your USB drive files from passwords.
  •  It provides you a more convenient and straightforward way of Securing your files.
  •  It is usually user-friendly.

 Visit: Wise Folder Hider


People rarely know about the features of WinZip as it provides you the quality of protecting and securing your files. It is one of the best folder and file Locker software for Windows 10 as it means work is to zip up and unzip the files and save files in encrypted forms.


This provides you the best protection function, and you can choose a level of encryption according to your sensitivity of the file with a high level of encryption that is hard to crack.


  •  It provides you the high-level encryption.
  •  You may access the facility to share your files on iCloud Drive, Dropbox.
  •  It also allows you the feature of opening your locked files on another device by entering a password

Visit: WinZip

 7 Zip

Seven zip folder lockers of rare work, precisely as WinZip. The encryption method uses a strong code ASE 256- bit to protect all your sensitive data and folders.

7 zip
7 Zip

With this folder add lock software, you can apply as many restrictions on your folder. Nobody can access your data or not even delete it without entering the password or permission from a specific user who has it access.


  •  This is the most robust method to protect we are data.
  • That is easy to use.
  • It is user-friendly with all the enhanced technology features.

Visit: 7 Zip


SecretFolder is a free and one of the best folder locks for PC that includes basic functionality and makes locking your folders on a Windows device very simple. You need to add the folders or files you want to secure to SecretFolder’s interface, and your selected data will be hidden or password-protected in no time.

secret folder

Another great feature of SecretFolder is that you can’t uninstall a file without first entering the password. Because hackers frequently try to attack critical programs on your device, this is incredibly valuable.

However, the application has several limitations, such as the fact that it does not immediately lock your folder when you close it. Every time you open and close it, you must do so manually.

Visit: Secret Folder


HiddenDIR is a fantastic free PC folder lock that allows users to hide their vital files from the system. The program is quite simple to use. Open it, click the hide button, and pick the folder you wish to conceal to use the tool. Your folder will be hidden from everyone on the device in a matter of seconds.hidden dir best folder lock for pc

Choose the folders that were designated to be hidden and click the unhide button to reveal the file. You may also set a password for a specific folder by selecting the big password button on the tool’s UI.

Visit: HiddenDIR


Lock-A-Folder keeps the legacy of being a very basic and easy-to-use folder locker for your device going on this list. Enter the location of the folder you want to lock or secure with a password, and all of your sensitive data will be closed and protected from prying eyes in no time.lock-a-folder

With the ‘Change Master Password’ option, you can easily set or adjust your password, and the security you gain is impregnable. The tool also takes very little space on your device and is best suited for use on a Windows XP computer.

However, the tool has several limitations, such as the fact that it does not allow you to encrypt your files. Despite this, it has a password-protection option, which is quite decent.

Visit: Lock a Folder

Folder Guard

Although Folder Guard contains many of the same characteristics as the ‘Folder Lock’ utility we previously discussed on this list, it is an entirely new and separate beast. It can not only encrypt, password-protect, and hide your data from prying eyes, but it can also safeguard them from viruses and malware.

folder guard

The Folder Guard is one of the Best folder locks for PC and handles this dual role with dexterity, ensuring that your files are protected from unwanted access, hacking, and virtual theft. It also can back up files in a password-protected database, which is a fantastic feature.

Visit: Folder Guard


The WinRAR is an excellent file compression software, and that is how it is commonly referred to and used. However, like WinZip before it, this application contains a highly effective encryption scheme that most people are unaware of.winrar

WinRAR makes it simple to encrypt your files and keep them safe from prying eyes online. It also enables safe file transmission by ensuring that your files are protected and secure. 

Individuals can have peace of mind while their files are in transit. Thanks to its verified signature technology and 256-bit password encryption. The program is optimized for Windows 10 and is available in more than 40 languages.

Visit: WinRAR


 Suppose you are looking to go with the best folder locker software without losing any chance. In that case, you must prefer Lobit File And Folder Lock Software.” it is considered the best software for Windows 10 for securing the details and information. You can either purchase or use the available free version. Before purchasing it, you can also go with the trial version, known for a few days. It provides you a powerful method of setting a password for encryption.

Although every folder and file locker system is easy to access and user-friendly and provides you the best of their features for protecting your sensitive data app information from foreign seekers And hackers, nowadays, hacking and online thrifting is increasing, so to protect your windows, it is essential to have best folder lock for pc.

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