With just one click on your smartphone, get book summaries of your favorite novels! The hard work has been done for you, so you won’t have to spend hours reading a book to discover what happens next. For those who wish to learn about a book quickly but are short on time, the best book summary apps analyze the plot, characters, and significant themes of books to produce a summary.

Some of the best apps are Blinkist, Wattpad, Instaread, StoryShorts, Mentorist, StoryShorts PocketBook Reader, FBReader, Bookmate, and StoryGraph. Information is being moved to independent media more and more in the digital age.

A book summary app offers more value than you could ever obtain by passively using social media. You can try out these summary apps. We have made this detailed guide on the best summary apps and selected the best apps for you. The best of all summary apps of the year are listed in this article. Read below to know in detail.

Benefits Of Book Summary Apps

Some of the benefits and drawbacks of a book synopsis app are as follows.

  • To read a novel’s summary would be insane. Additionally, this is an established tendency in the sector.
  • All of the apps on our list are nonfiction works.
  • Reading an entire book adds value because you typically get a lot of examples and repetition of the essential ideas.
  • It helps to cement the notion in your mind and to persuade you that it is something you should do.
  • When reading the summary app, the main ideas are covered right away.advantages of book summary apps
  • With the help of the best book summary websites, you may skip the filler and get right to the critical information.
  • To decide whether the book is worthwhile reading or purchasing, you can do so by reading the summary first.
  • Reading while moving; one can read or listen to the summaries while on the go. For those who prefer to avoid reading books on their mobile devices, you are not required to carry a book or an ebook.
  • You can download the overview for offline reading using many drawing apps.

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6 Best Book Summary Apps

Here we present some of the best book synopsis apps you have ever known.


It is an app for summary of books for something thoroughly tried, tested, and verified by many individuals. With the help of this tool, you can quickly become familiar with a wide range of instructive books and podcasts.blinkist

What the creators of this tool themselves refer to as blinks are its most crucial feature. It is frequently an excellent introduction to the concepts the author wishes to impart to us or some guide to the individual work chapters.

Also, Blinkist allows viewing books without an Internet connection, which is an advantage. It is feasible for creators of works to send unpublished books to their devoted followers.

Visit: Blinkist


The app has the widest selection of works and an extensive selection of expertly written books on various topics. Its most significant benefit is the flexibility to select whether you want to acquaint yourself with the information in text or audio format.instaread

This app’s majority of best podcasts are animated, which is unquestionably a massive benefit over other programs with a similar focus. Whenever you wish to read—on the bus, during a break at work, at home, or even at a business party—turn on the audio format & listen comfortably to what you find interesting.

You may educate yourself & become knowledgeable in many fields of endeavor in just 30 minutes of daily reading or audiobook listening thanks to the outstanding author’s language. This knowledge can broaden your horizons and also help you realize some intriguing ideas.

You may transfer your favorite works on your mobile, a crucial feature because you never know when you might need them.

Visit: Instaread

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People occasionally ask themselves questions such as, “How can I become better than others?” and spend a lot of time looking for the solution, but they don’t always succeed. This program will be able to solve your problem most enjoyably and straightforwardly. It is among the best book summary apps.mentors

This program’s capacity to choose various resources for each user enables you to pick up new talents and grow as a person productively. With all of this, the utility encourages you to realize your interests more and more by providing a range of opportunities and choices with admirable consistency.

Mentors has hundreds of books on business, psychology, self-development, & many other writing-related topics.

Visit: Mentors


StoryShots is an app that summarize books. This software was one of the top solutions for listening to podcasts and reading different books on Google. However, much effort has been put into ensuring users have access to all required training and self-analysis resources.storyshorts

The development company made it a top priority to realize its vision of having everyone be able to read books.

Every user would find what he wants in this utility because a vast array of distinct groups of books, essays, audio podcasts, condensed presentations, & other works on just about any subject have been prepared.

Visit: StoryShots

Pocketbook Reader

This program provides us with up to 19 reading formats, so we no longer need to convert files to familiarise ourselves with some fascinating work. The fact that Adobe RDM protects all books further benefits authors by removing the unsettling possibility that a third party could plagiarise their works.pocketbook reader

The program includes a PocketBook Cloud service that syncs all your favorite books and read receipts on any device.

If reading is uncomfortable for you, the Text-to-speech engine will simplify it by enabling you to listen to saved text & audio files through headphones.

The program offers two reading modes, night and day. It protects your vision, lowering the possibility of health issues and allowing you to grow.

Visit: Pocketbook Reader


It is among the best book summary apps. The program Wattpad is the one that will permanently remove from your mind the concept of boredom thanks to its extensive collection of works in a variety of genres. It makes learning fun and playful. You can also write your original content & share it with other users, who will find it valuable. wattpad

Due to Wattpad Studios’ collaboration with multinational entertainment organizations, which are looking for an influx of ambitious new professionals and are willing to hire fresh talent, you can not only receive frank critique but also have the opportunity to obtain employment.

The synchronization feature has the added benefit of allowing you to pick up reading where you left off.

Visit: Wattpad


What is the top book summary app?

Best Subscription Services And Apps For Book Summaries #1 Blinkist When we talk about book summaries, Blinkist is the first app that comes to mind.

Which free iPad book summaries are the best?

On the list, this is the only free book summary app. Previously known as 'Nuggets,' 12Min initially highlighted book quotes but has now changed its focus to book summaries.

Where can I get a book summary?

More than 5,000 nonfiction books from categories including psychology, career, etc., are summarised by Blinkist.

Is there any book summary app available for android or iOS?

Yes, there are various summary apps available. You can easily find them in this guide.


We have made this detailed guide about the best book summary apps. I hope you like it. A strategy for reading the whole book summaries is the last thing you require. It won’t fit into your schedule. To do that, decide how often you’ll read, choose a time, set a focused setting, and start reading.

One of the best learning resources is still books. It’s your chance to “hack” your way through life by reading one book summary at a time now that you understand where to obtain the most fantastic summaries of them. Also, it is amazing to learn new words through apps. Check out the apps to learn new words!

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