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best beat maker app for android

 The topic of today’s article will be the X Best Beat Maker App For Android. Who doesn’t feel good after listening to some of the awesome beats?

Making a beat is the ideal way to spend time; it’s finer than that of any computer game and far more fulfilling. Beat-making tools now enable you to record beats on any gadget, everywhere. It’s astonishing how simple it is to create a great groove on your trip or in the neighborhood. You can create beats using various apps like Creator, Koala, Song Memo and many more.

Now, we will see the android music production apps in this article.

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Top 10 Best Beat Maker App For Android

Even the biggest rap music and trapping stars have been using tracks created on a smartphone. There are a plethora of beat-making applications that you can download today. So, let’s dive deep into the topic of today’s article X Best Beat Maker App For Android. Moving forward with a list of music-making apps for Android.


The Creator app allows you to mix a maximum of eight melodies of the song sequences from LANDR Samples’ enormous sound sampling of the library and play them all at once.

creator by landr samples

Any sample will be automatically time stretched and pitch altered to meet any key and tempo. That is, you can listen to any assortment of different audio samples together without regard for their unique key or tempo. It works great in any phone browser, and with numerous inspirational sample packages to choose from, you’re sure to uncover and create beats that are completely unique to you in this beat making app. 

Visit: Creator

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If you desire to make sound or music beats on the move but don’t wish to fiddle with a more typical workflow on a little screen, try out just the Koala sampler for mixing the beats. This deceptively powerful program is available for iOS and Android.


The Sample tab displays a 44 grid with the option of assigning a sampling — any sound — to every 16 pads. It is up to you how you obtain those samples. Transcript from your phone microphone for timely one-shots, add samples to your device or use a cloud storage service like having a Google Drive or Dropbox account for your sound clipping to retrieve your sounds. Koala is quite adaptable and allows you to extract sound from Videos online on YouTube. This is one of the best music-making apps for Android.

Download: Koala

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FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile has always existed since 2013, but creators Image-Line has enhanced it and keep supporting it, with the most recent patch released in July 2021. If you’ve used this app for desktops before, you’ll know what to expect:

  • A vibrant color scheme.
  • A strict but enjoyable sequencing approach.
  • Cutting-edge software synthesizers.
  • Fx effects.

fl studio mobile

As with many portable devices and music creation apps, using a laptop or phone instead of your phone may help you figure out the software easier. Despite the limited space, the FL Studio Mobile interface is simple to navigate, thanks to a well-designed layout as it is one of the best beat maker apps for Android.

Download: FL Studio Mobile

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Groovepad is a track and musical beats-making tool with a simple UI and high-quality samples. It is one of the list’s more addictive apps. When you open the app, you’ll see a huge selection of soundtracks allowing you to create any genre, from bass to EDM to rap music sounds.


Groove Pad Premium Subscription unlocks all sound packs and features, receives new releases weekly, and removes advertisements as it is one of the best beat maker apps for Android.

Download: Groovepad For Android

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Song Memo

What’s more frustrating than writing the ideal riff, chord sequence, or solo only to realize you’ve forgotten it an hour later? Nothing at all. Song Memo is a no-cost digital recording multi-recorder tool that allows you to record demos on four independent tracks.


Each track allows you to produce a basic mixture of your concepts, with each channel having a unique name, volume, and pan. While you will not use the software to record your new EP, it will save you a significant amount of time and stress whenever you do not recall your song ideas as it is one of the best beat maker apps for Android.

Download: Song Memo

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Sun Vox

Sun Vox is a music-making application for versatile creative synthesis that includes a pattern-based sequencer. There are midi import and export options, and the program also supports USB input and output. Once you’ve finished your track, you’ll be capable of exporting single song tracks as WAV files to use in a DAW.

sun vox

Sun Vox’s minimalist layout may not be appropriate for everyone, but it is a powerful instrument for producing music on the fly. Sun Vox runs on a variety of gadgets that have various CPUs, thanks to highly optimized synth algorithms and a flexible design. This app Sun Vox encourages real-time sampling and recording of beats as it is one of the best beat maker apps for Android.

Download: Sun Vox

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BandLab For Android

BandLab is a one-of-a-kind music app that blends aspects of music composition and social media. BandLab’s user-friendly interface allows customers to listen to your completed tracks, and you can do the same for theirs. The program features awesome effects and a digital audio track editor, so you can be confident that your music is ready to share.

bandi lab

Bandlab, like a few other DAWs, such as Cubase, allows users to move effortlessly between the keyboard roll and a composition editor for MIDI input. This is, for us, one of the best android music creation apps.

Download: BandiLab For Android

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RD4 GrooveBox

The RD4 Groovebox is the most recent addition to the Groovebox series, which includes virtual analog synths, beats, and effects. Rather than attempting to shoehorn a desktop-style DAW onto a small smartphone screen.

rd4 groovebox

The Groovebox developers designed the program with user-friendliness in mind. Recordings, like many DAWS, can be recorded live with a keyboard roll for trimming after another fact. This makes RD4 GrooveBox one of the best beat maker app for android.

Download: RD4 GrooveBox For Android

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Hip Hop Producer Pads

Hip-Hop producer pads is a fascinating and one-of-a-kind virtual sound recording and music sampling available with a drum machine.hip hop producer pad

You may make music on the go using one-shots, loops, and melodies, while an internal metronome maintains you are on time. The Hip Hop app is a fantastic game to play with buddies and will certainly keep you busy at the party as it is also one of the best beat maker apps for Android.

Download: Hip Hop Producer Pads For Android

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Is it really possible for a user to make beats online from the phone, iPad, or any other browser online?

Yes, it is possible for anyone to make music beats online from anywhere and anytime. As long as the device has access to an active internet connection.

Is it necessary to make beats of a certain type?

As long as you're not a professional beat maker and you just want to try out some really cool apps in order to learn to make new kinds of beats like hip hop, silent, or any other type of beats, then you should definitely try these apps listed above in this article.

Is there any specific equipment that you will need for making beats online?

As the beat-making app is online, it gives you access to all the instruments that you need to connect to normal hardware beat-making instruments.

Can I trim and merge beats by using these applications listed above?

Yes, you can merge, trim and cut the selected music file in the best beat maker app for android listed above.


The thing that we learned here is even the biggest rap music and trapping stars have been using tracks created on a smartphone. In this article, we got to learn about the Best Beat Maker App For Android. I hope you find this article helpful.

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