6 Best Android Launcher Apps to Try in 2020

Android smartphones have been a significant buzz in the marketplace for over a decade now. One major advantage that the Android OS has over other operating systems is its high customizability and you can monitor everything right from your hand. Android app makers have been offering an explosive array of options to their users. With such customizability, launcher apps have become quite common. They have many functions like call tracing and customize dialer as well. Here are the six best Android launcher apps you can grab for your smartphone!

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The 6 of the Best Android Launcher Apps to Try

The below are some of the best android launcher apps to try using in 2020. So without any further delay, let’s have a look at them.

Nova Launcher

It doesn’t get any better than this. Nova Launcher has been a favorite ever since it made its arrival in the store. It is hands down, the best launcher for theming. Try not to get overwhelmed by its wide variety of themes you get to choose from. It is an excellent way of pouring some new life onto your smartphone if you’ve grown bored of its ordinary appearance.It is the best android launcher for you.

nova launcher
nova launcher

The app allows you to change more subtle parts of your launcher, such as the desktop grid or even the actual size of the icons on your home screen. The app also provides a ‘hide app’ feature so you can hide unused apps in your app drawer, which will most definitely give it a cleaner look. The customization offered by Nova Launcher is virtually limitless, so you’re sure to spend hours and hours selecting the best look for your device!

Download : Nova Launcher 

Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher has been an influential contender in a world that is mostly dominated by the Nova Launcher. Evie Launcher is strong enough to hold its own against Nova Launcher, which is quite impressive. It is light and easy to use. It doesn’t go over-the-top with a ton of features. Instead, it is exceptionally user-friendly.

evie launcher
evie launcher

It doesn’t offer much in terms of customization, but where it exceeds expectations is the convenience it furnishes. It lets you pick your preferred icon pack and provides a ton of gestures to make your experience immensely seamless. The best part about this launcher is that its extraordinarily lightweight, so it will not consume much of your smartphone’s resources. If you’re looking for best android launcher convenience rather than customizability, then Evie Launcher is the one you should give a try.

Download : Evie Launcher

Pixel Launcher

Pixel launcher is the pre-installed launcher that comes with the Pixel smartphones. It has a reasonably decent appeal to it that makes it stand out amongst its competitors. It imparts a more basic appearance to your smartphone and makes it look more like stock Android. It does offer a few customizations, but it tends to lean more towards simplicity being the best android launcher.

pixel launcher
pixel launcher

The features include an icon shape selector, adaptive icon pack support, and themes based on your wallpaper. With an additional plugin, one can get Google Feed up and running in no time. A fluid design, along with streamlined performance as its forte, the Pixel Launcher, will undoubtedly ease out your experience. You will undoubtedly find it pleasant to use. 

Download : Pixel Launcher

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Lawnchair Launcher

Lawnchair Launcher is still a fresh arrival to the marketplace, but it does manifest a very optimistic future. Lawnchair Launcher effectively recreates almost every feature the Pixel Launcher offers. So, what makes it so unique, you ask? The strength of Lawnchair Launcher lies in its supreme customizability. You can endlessly customize it makes it best android launcher. However you want and you can consider as one of the best android launcher.

lawnchair launcher
lawnchair launcher

The Pixel Launcher was great at many things, but customizability was one of the significant shortcomings it had. And its where the Lawnchair Launcher shines. Its features include handy gestures, changing the size, shape, and grid layout of your home screen. It also provides users with a full dark mode. It is still a little early to comment on the future of this innovative launcher, but from we have seen so far, it sure looks positive. 

Download : Lawnchair Launcher

Apus Launcher

Apus Launcher is a tad bit different from its counterparts. It is not the hottest launcher of the year, but it’s still pretty good. While other launchers provide the user with a great deal of customizability, Apus Launcher presents pre-defined home screens with some room for tweaks.

apus launcher
apus launcher

The pre-defined themes it offers are appealing and creative. It is undoubtedly convenient for some people. It, however, still provides some options to its users, such as editing icons, changing wallpapers, and fabricating transition effects. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to give much thought to minor details on your home screen, then you should surely try Apus Launcher.

Download : Apus Launcher

TSF Launcher

Off to the last launcher on this list, TSF launcher is not recognized much in the smartphone community. But it still has some pretty nice things to offer. It is one of the finer made launchers on the app store. It renders an unlimited dock bar and batch selections of icons.

tsf launcher
tsf launcher

It also includes 3D animations, which is an exciting feature. One can add app badges with the installation of a plugin. Its lightweight and simple to use, so you won’t have any trouble using it whatsoever. 

Download : Tsf Launcher

Bottom line 

Here we are concluding the list of 6 best Android Launchers of 2020. Are you all ready for using an Android launcher or wish to try one? These apps have everything unique for which you are looking. Go ahead and color your digital life with these fantastic apps.

Thanks for reading!

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