The 6 Best 3D Modeling Software for Windows [Free & Paid]

Best 3D Modeling Software

Nowadays, most computers come packed with enough graphical performance power to allow users to model their dream complex designs. And what’s more? The cost-intensive software that were once only used by professionals have paved the way for better and cheaper alternatives. There are a plethora of the best 3D modeling software on the market today to help you build your next great design.

Over time, the best 3D modeling software have significantly evolved, even diversifying into specialist tools suited for your every need. We are now spoilt for choice. But you don’t want just any software- no, if you wish to create the best, you need to work with the best!

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6 Best 3D Modeling Software to Use in 2020

Whatever be your need, whether it is crafting a novel prototype, fashioning mesmerizing visual effects, or curating a simulation, these are the 6 best 3D modeling software to use in 2020.

Autodesk 3DS Max

It is one of the best modeling software out there and has been a staple tool for gamer designers and animators since its release in 1996.

Some of its best features of this best 3D modeling software are its ability to realistically simulate inverse kinematics, skeletons, simulation of clothes and hair, skinning, and bipedal motion for characters. It even supports conventional polygon construction, NURBS, and also patch surfaces.

Autodesk 3DS Max
Autodesk 3DS Max

But that’s not all! If you aren’t able to render your exact need, 3DS Max also allows users to add external plugins and third-party modules to help create the desired effects.

But the most significant advantage of this software is that it uses both direct manipulation and procedural modeling techniques. This, coupled with its massive library of different modifiers, streamlines the modeling process, making it easier for new artists as well as intermediate 3D professionals.

Visit : Autodesk 3DS Max 

Autodesk Maya

An industrial-strength heavy-duty software with a relatively breezy price tag considering its features, Maya is an incredibly powerful tool for any artist. Capable of running on both Windows as well as Linux and Mac operating systems, this software boasts a comprehensive CG toolset and is unmatched in range of features and complexity.

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Autodesk Maya
Autodesk Maya

Some of the aspects that Maya is great at are lighting, texturing, and rendering. It gives users the freedom to play around with hair, solid body physics, particles, clothes, and other such fluid simulations.

Commonly referred to as the sister software of the 3DS Max, this highly successful software isn’t for everywhere, though. Its extensive library of tools and features coupled with its intricacy of functionality renders it a bit of an overkill for users who aren’t professionals in this realm.

Visit : Autodesk Maya

Houdini 17.5

Christened after the iconic magician and master entertainer, ‘Houdini’ is a fitting name for this elite software, considering the impact it has had on the entertainment industry. Frequently used in FX departments all around the globe, this software supports the creation of stunning visual effects in films and games.

Houdini 17.5
Houdini 17.5

Developed by SideFX, what separates this best 3D modeling software from the competition is its exclusive attention to procedural generation. It employees a node-based procedural approach that allows its users to wield an unprecedented level of power, flexibility, and control when it comes to their animations.

This software was an important tool in movies such as Zootopia and the modern-day cult classic Frozen. If you get your hands on this software, don’t let it go!

Visit : Houdini 17.5


It dubs colloquially as the ‘beast of curved surface designs.’ This software earns its place on the list due to the impact it has had on the industry. Rhino was a game-changer when it came out. Before its inception, most acclaimed best 3D modeling software were able to only carry out basic geometry with a select few being able to handle splines. But almost none of them could handle NURBS- an essential component in any form of modeling.

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Rhino allowed digital artists to take things to the next level. Users were now able to accurately model the body of an object because of this software’s ability to handle NURB surfaces. They were able to curve surfaces in more than one plain, permitting greater depth-perception and complexity in the finished product, making it more realistic and 3-dimensional.

Visit : Rhinoceros

Cinema 4D R20

Up next is this brilliant and best 3D modeling software for beginners and professionals alike. Cost-efficient and variegated in tools and features, it is easy to see why this system is so widely successful.

Over the years, this software has carved a niche for itself in the world of motion graphics, illustrations, and visualizations. Though the significant advantage of this software is its shallow learning curve. Cinema 4D doesn’t take long to learn at all, whether you are an amateur or an industry veteran.

Cinema 4D R20
Cinema 4D R20

The developer team introduced its users to volumetric modeling in their most recent update for the app. This is perfect for those who do not yet possess the skillset to create smooth solid forms.

This is why Cinema 4D enjoys such a vast, thriving, and interconnected community with an extensive online library of tutorials. Users can even get a free membership to their training site Cineversity when you get the software. Precisely, proven to be as the best 3D modeling software.

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This software can be a little heavy on the wallet. It is so because it holds value for money and pays for itself in the long run!

Visit : Cinema 4D R20


And last but not least, Modo- a strong, albeit flexible program that facilitates 3D modeling, texturing, and rendering.

Made by the same hands that built LightWave 3D, Modo has gone through a massive evolution over the years. A generic subdivision surface modeler during its nascent stages. Modo has grown to become the fully-equipped digital content creation app we know today. With modeling at its core, it also features 3D painting, sculpting, rendering, and animation.


Besides, it showcases an impressive MeshFusion Boolean workflow. This program also incorporates features such as n-gons and edge weighting. It can be installed on all major operating systems. These features make this as one of the best 3D modeling software.

Modo might lack the high-end dynamics and simulation tools. However, it is definitely at the summit when it comes to creating stunning artwork.

Visit : Modo 

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Last Words 

Well, there you have it! These are the six best 3D modeling software currently available in the market. Whether you are a seasoned professional or an excited beginner, you cannot go wrong with any of these.

Get any of these programs and let the creative juices flow!

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