Windows comes with a pretty decent default audio equalizer of its own. But let’s be honest about it, and we can try for better. There are a host of audio enhancer tools and equalizer software out there. Want to take a deep dive into your playlist of favorite oldies?

Some of the best audio enhancers for Windows 10 are Audacity, FX Sound LLC, Adobe Audition, JetAudio, Voicemeeter, WavePad Audio Editor, Sound Forge, and DFX Audio Enhancer.

How about some Bach experience on your couch in the opera house? It would be so freaking fantastic to ‘feel’ the sound of that Ducati V4 as you lean that beauty on MotoGP’s latest version. Even different genres of music have other qualities and surroundings settings. Now you can play guitar and enhance the audio with a MIDI converter

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Top 6 Audio Enhancer Tools to Improve the Sound Quality of Your PC

Here are six audio enhancer tools for Windows to check out.

Boom 3D

The winner of the 2011 MacWorld Best of the Show, this thing will make you an audio addict. You will experience the sounds the way you were supposed to. You will hear the battlefield as you toggle your mode through PUBG. Even the silence, say, in horror movies, has a cinematic purpose.

Boom 3D is for the ultimate experience of audio making. It is one of the best audio enhancer tools. It offers sound clarity that has become a benchmark. Tune on YouTube, NetFlix, Spotify, or over 20,000 radio stations provided by Boom 3D and get going. Welcome to sound heaven.

Boom 3D


  • 3D surroundings sound
  • 31 equalizer presets
  • Enhances audio across all devices
  • Powerful volume boost

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  1. Publisher: Global Delight
  2. Short description: Immersive
  3. Use: Paid; 30 days free trial
  4. Available: Windows 10 (with a 64-bit processor)

Visit: Boom 3D

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Bongiovi DPS

“How does it know?” was my first reaction. Bongiovi DPS (DPS being short for Digital Power Station) optimizes, and it optimizes everything. It filters off the sound to produce what you want to hear. Gaming? The guns are blazing, the swift sword moving in silence or whatever else. Movies? Listen to those silent footsteps, the chirping birds. Skype? Focus on the voice of the person.

DPS technology (sort of)attaches itself to the computer’s sound system and reinvents it. It is a patented active processor that scans the audio signal in real-time and optimizes it for playback on your components using custom profiles. It is an audio enhancer tool with machine learning in action.

Bongiovi DPS


  • Content-specific settings (movies, music, gaming)
  • Maintains clarity at low and safe volumes
  • Adjustable enhancements
  • 120 calibration points to optimize sound
  1. Publisher: Bongiovi Acoustics
  2. Short description: Ultimate filter
  3. Use: Paid- 30 days free trial
  4. Available: Windows 7/8/10

Visit: Bongiovi DPS

Viper4Windows (or V4W)

V4W has held the glory for longer than probable others on the list. It enables you to select sound quality from categories like rock, jazz, blues, super bass, etc., with sound output to surround options like the smallest room, spacious room, mid-room, etc. Options let you customize audio through 18 bands, ranging from 120dB to 13dB!

There now, test and pick your choice from the package. It also has a unique feature known as ViPER XBass, which lets you amplify the audio quality. You can boost the sound quality if you have a low-sound audio file. It will also allow you to remove the noise distortion.



  • The best among open-source audio enhancers
  • Lets you control reverberation
  • Adjustable boost effect to the low-tone sounds
  1. Publisher: VIPER’s Audio
  2. Short description: Old school
  3. Use: Free
  4. Available: all Windows Vista/7/8/10

Visit: V4W

Equalizer APO

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” That would be the Equalizer APO. APO stands for Audio Processing Object. With this lightweight, you need not worry about CPU usage. It is compatible with multiple channels and is favored mainly among Twitch streamers. It has a friendly modular graphic interface.

For sound engineering purposes, Equalizer APO is best used in conjecture with Room EQ Wizard. It can read its filter text file format. Unfortunately, the software lacks support for API-exclusive mods like ASIO or WASAPI. You can balance your audio as it suits you with its multiple audio adjustment features. Its add-on Peace GUI offers many essential options, which include additional frequency filters and graph windows.

Equalizer APO


  • Minimal resource use
  • Compatible for streaming
  • A large number of audio filters
  • Integrated VST plugin
  • Works along well with Voicemeeter( for voice mixing and editing)

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  1. Publisher: Jonas Thedering
  2. Short description: Minimalist
  3. Use: Free
  4. Available: Windows Vista/7/8/10

Visit: Equalizer APO


FXSound has some features of almost all other audio enhancer tools discussed. It offers ten bands ranging from 110Hz to 15KHz. Its five different settings improve the whole sound system. The Explore feature lets you effortlessly discover new music, access music videos, view song lyrics, and more directly from the DFX user interface.

It has a simplistic and user-friendly interface. FXSound can also enhance websites’ sounds. FXSound optimizes low-quality tracks from online streaming sites such as Youtube, Spotify, or Pandora. Publishers claim the software can provide 3D audio even on low-quality speakers and headphones.



  • Optimization of low-quality streaming sounds
  • Simple interface
  • 3D sound
  • Adjustable parameters such as bass, fidelity, ambiance, etc.
  1. Publisher: FXSound
  2. Short description: Your friendly neighbor sound enhancer
  3. Use: Paid; 30 days free trial
  4. Available: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Visit: FXSound

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Breakaway Audio Enhancer

Breakaway Audio Enhancer takes the candy if you want multi-band audio enhancer tools. It can enhance the audio quality, and it also can adjust the volume as per the tones. For instance, the device can lower the book when it detects higher tones and increase the volume when it detects lower tones. That is a significant highlight of the tool.

Breakaway’s multi-band dynamics processing restores spectral balance in music. Its multiple look-ahead peak limiters suppress distortions. Result? An unmatchable sound quality that one can only expect. The geeky features of this enhancer also make it one of the few suitable audio enhancer tools. breakaway-audio-enhancer


  • Multi-band dynamics
  • Multi-look ahead limiters
  • Automatic adjustment of volume
  • A fully sizable interface
  • Comes with an Internet Explorer extension for controlling audio right from the browser extension
  1. Publisher: Claesson Edwards Audio
  2. Short description: It’s a pro thing
  3. Use: Paid; 30 days free trial
  4. Available: Windows Vista/7/8/10


Which Audio Enhancer is the best?

The most recommended Audio Enhancer is Boom 3D by Globaldelight. Other Audio Enhancers with good results are FxSound, JetAudio HD Music Player, Breakaway Audio Enhancer, SoundPimp, Realtek HD Audio Manager, and Viper4Windows.

How to enhance sound quality?

For enhancing sound quality, specific tips should be kept in mind: Make sure that the place is quiet with the most minor echoic vibrations. Next, use a decent microphone with a pop filter for a clear voice. Always use a mic stand to avoid voice frequency jiggling. Stand closer to the microphone and use a mixer for splitting audio channels.

What does an Audio Enhancer do?

An Audio Enhancer modulates different voice frequencies to a standard louder volume. An audio playing at the same volume level would present the higher and lower voice frequencies as more audible than the mid-range frequencies. Audio Enhancer modulates these frequencies from both high-end and low-end, giving a balanced voice effect.

What is the difference between an Audio Enhancer and an EQ?

An Audio Enhancer modulates the audio to be more precise and defined. On the other hand, an EQ or equalizer balances the tone of the audio. For example, it reduces the squeakiness of a high-pitched voice.


These were some of the best audio enhancer tools we recommend for improving your PC’s sound quality. We hope this article on audio enhancer tools was useful to you. In the comment section, let us know about your experience with these audio enhancer tools. Also, an audio mixer for streaming is an essential tool for any DJ or live music performer. This tool helps in mixing and adjusting the volume of a song without the need of a sound engineer.

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