Apps Like Offerup You Must Know | Best 9 Picks Of 2023 [Updated]

apps like offerup

Hey reader, have you been looking for offerup alternatives? Well, go no further, as, in this article, you’ll find all about the Top 9 apps like offerup in 2023.

This article contains a list of the top 9 apps, the same as offerup, with detailed information. App similar to Offerup includes Close5, Yerdle, LetGo, Recycler, Listia, SocialSell, TradeMade, eBay, and Etsy. All the data about these apps has been provided here in the article. 

apps like offerup

To choose the best sites like Offerup, you’ll have to learn all the top sites available at your disposal. You must compare these sites’ pros, cons, flexibility, and limitations to select the best option. Also, don’t forget to read the FAQ section below the article, as it will help you clear any doubts.


Apps Like Offerup

Here are some apps you must know.


Finding nearby products is quick and simple with Close5. You may use this program to find any item advertised for sale at a certain distance from your chosen area.


Enter the required location, conduct the necessary searches, and then look through the local advertising displayed on your screen. You may leave the item field blank to see all products offered in the area.

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Visit: Close5

Yerdle Similar To Offerup

If your only goal is to get rid of the rubbish without making any money, Yerdle should be an interesting platform for you. This app isn’t like standard resale websites like offerup, where you publish ads and get paid when goods sell. This feature makes it one of the best alternative apps like offerup.


Instead, you may post free advertisements on Yerdle, and when someone purchases your goods, you receive Yerdle credits that you can use to purchase other items that are available on the app. Essentially, you’re trading your old junk for new stuff; the only cost is the shipping fee.

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Visit: Yerdle


One of the most widely used buy-and-sell applications at the moment is LetGo. It may be argued that it represents Craigslist’s future. although it is more useful and one of the most uncluttered apps like offerup. One of LetGo’s best features is its ability to automatically fill up your ads so you can publish them quickly.


This feature is helpful if you have many items to sell but need more time to perfect your advertisements. You may use the location filter to ensure that all the products listed are located close to your house while looking for stuff to buy. You can also check out our article on 10 Sites Like Craigslist To Start Using In 2023.

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Visit: LetGo

Download Here: Android

Recycler Similar To Offerup

Recycler is one of the best apps like offerup. Although most users purchase and sell rentals and automobiles, you may also discover daily items being offered.


The option to contact the seller directly from the app is one of the Recycler’s primary features. To contact the seller, there’s no need to return to the website and do a new search. do you want to furnish your apartment in the most creative way? Check out this article to know the best Furniture Designing Software.

Visit: Recycler

Download Here: IOS 


Listia is one of the top recommended apps similar to OfferUp. It’s a marketplace where you may trade your possessions for more helpful things. You must pay for a delivery, but it’s typically a tiny sum to pay to obtain the items you desire and clear your home of clutter.


It’s only sometimes simple to accumulate credits, but Listia lets you purchase credits to start. This requires spending money, but when you look at the things available on the site, you’ll see that most are reasonably priced.

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Visit: Listia

Download Here: IOS | Android


Give SocialSell a try if you prefer to use Facebook Marketplace without dealing with the extra social noise typical of such sites. With a little social networking, it’s a great location to post advertising for buying and selling stuff.


For simpler contact, you may send private messages, follow your favorite merchants, and leave comments. If you can attract a sizable audience, this may become a fantastic source of money, and it makes Socialsell one of the best apps like offerup.

Visit: SocialSell

Download Here: IOS 

TradeMade Similar To Offerup

TradeMade provides a distinctive approach to buying and selling. In reality, this software won’t allow you to make any purchases. You may promote your goods or services on TradeMade in return for the goods or services you are offering.


For instance, advertise your tutoring services in return for two concert tickets. You’ll receive a carbon badge for each successful trade that details the carbon footprint of each product. And You can save money and the environment at the same time with TradeMade.

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Visit: TradeMade


eBay is a renowned free internet marketplace where you can get products like clothes,  electronics, cars, etc. As a location to exchange collectibles and difficult-to-find goods, it first opened in 1995. It operates in over 32 different nations and is a truly global marketplace. In addition to the auction system, there is a buy-it-now option, so interested purchasers can purchase the item immediately without placing a bid.


You should think about utilizing eBay if you intend to sell goods online. If you localize an item you want to sell and use strong keywords, fair pricing, and a clear listing, it will sell even if you do no other marketing. Click here for Ideal video sharing apps.

Visit: eBay

Download Here: IOS | Android


Etsy is one of the greatest apps like OfferUp, where individuals seeking unique things congregate. This portal specializes in craft materials and antique or handcrafted goods. Since 2005, it has been the residence for millions of artists who purchase and sell handcrafted goods. Etsy recently added antique products and crafts tools to its list of categories.

sell on etsy

On Etsy, more than 5 million active sellers and about 90 million regular shoppers regularly offer goods. Online users can sell goods in a variety of ways. You may use the Etsy store or the Pattern website building tool to sell on the market using your website.

Etsy gives vendors a choice of monthly pricing tiers. The free basic monthly plan includes all the essential features, including the ability to sell on the Etsy App, the option to buy and print mail, and discounted postal rates.


Everything found in the basic plan is included in the $10 premium plan, plus a few extras like advanced customization choices, banner options, new featured listing layouts, restock requests for out-of-stock products, 15 listing credits, $5 in monthly Etsy Ads credits, free Store domains, discounts on custom web addresses, and savings on custom packaging and promotional items. How to install 3rd party apps on LG Smart TV? Read this article to learn.

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Visit: Etsy

Download Here: IOS | Android


What are OfferUp similar apps?

Letgo, Carousell, CafePress, and Paytm Mall are among the businesses that are apps like OfferUp and are comparable. A startup called OfferUp offers an online marketplace. Letgo is a company that offers a mobile app that lets users purchase and sells used items. A startup called Carousell offers a platform for classified ads.

What is Close5?

It's simple and enjoyable to buy and sell locally with Close5. Find products in your community and quickly let others know what you're selling! It's simplified classifieds. Find discounts on things for the home, stylish apparel, accessories, and baby & children's products.

Poshmark, is it free?

Poshmark never charges users to offer items for sale. We take a modest fee from the total order price after your item has sold. The cost is a set flat charge of $2.95 for purchases under $15. The price is 20%, and you retain 80% of sales over $15.

What is the 5miles app?

The best local marketplace app for buying and selling items in your region is 5miles. More than $1 BILLION in local sales have been made possible because 5miles is a free, simple, and secure software that has helped 10 million satisfied users find fantastic deals and put money back in their pockets.


In conclusion, all the apps like OfferUp listed above are great options if you’re looking for a different way to buy or sell things. While some of these markets specialize in certain items, others provide a wide variety of categories. It would help to decide which of the top OfferUp alternatives best suits you.

You might be astonished to learn that you can make at least a few hundred dollars with these applications. You may exchange them for other items if you’d like to, which would benefit other people. Also, click here for the best UPI Apps.

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