Apple Tv Vs Chromecast With Google Tv | Which Is Better?

watching apple tv on chromecast

The Apple TV 4K and the Chromecast with Google TV are popular streaming devices. The Apple TV 4K is a better set-top box if you’re always linked to the Apple ecosystem, but the Chromecast with Google TV is the finest streaming device for Android and iOS users. So we will discuss Apple TV vs. Chromecast with Google TV.

  1. Turn on your Chromecast, plug into your TV, and connect to your wifi.
  2. Open the Apple TV app.
  3. Sign in to your account; you might use a two-step verification code.
  4. Watch and Play.

The two most well-liked options for gadgets that deliver web-based entertainment services like Netflix and Hulu to your TV right now are Google Chromecast and Apple TV. They connect to your TV and stream various materials; nevertheless, they differ significantly in meaningful ways. Read below to learn more about Apple TV vs. Chromecast with Google TV.

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Features And Specifications | Apple Tv Vs. Chromecast With Google Tv

We will explain features and specifications when it comes to Apple TV vs. Chromecast with Google TV:


In contrast to Apple TV, Chromecast offers more cost-effective pricing. The cost of Chromecast with Google TV is $99, compared to the $250 worth of Apple TV, its main rival—additionally, the Siri remote costs between $79 and $99.price

To compare Apple TV to Chromecast, customers purchase Chromecast frequently because it is a comparatively less expensive choice, especially during holidays when they have much free time to watch TV. The integration of Chromecast with TCL Google TV stands out in terms of price features.

If Apple TV and Chromecast are out of your price range, you can buy a different choice for $59, a regular Google Chromecast.

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Video Quality

With high-quality video screening, both devices are equal in Google Chromecast vs. Apple TV. They have modern streaming technology, including Dolby Atmos, HDMI 2.1 support, 4K HDR films at 60 frames per second, and Dolby quality

In terms of usage, Chromecast is straightforward and requires the user to figure it out independently, unlike Apple TV, which walks you through the installation process and has several user-friendly features.

Chromecast can examine the visual quality, HDMI connections, and Apple Color Balance. Using the iPhone camera, this feature adjusts the Apple TV’s profile to match your TV’s display.

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Comparing Apple TV vs. Chromecast with Google TV, Apple’s new Siri Remote Control is a fantastic alternative. It has various features, such as a touch-enabled click wheel, compared to the original remote’s glass touch panel. However, if purchased individually, Siri Remote Control might cost up to $79.remote

It also has superior battery technology; it uses rechargeable batteries, making it simple for the user to use. Lastly, the remote is resilient to impacts, providing the user with a beautiful, satisfying experience.

Another viable choice is to use Chromecast with the remote control of Google TV. TCL Google TV works great with Apple TV Remote. It offers many of the same features as Siri Remote. Or Chromecast will work better if you want a more straightforward remote.

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Watching Films And TV Shows

Apple TV and Chromecast offer excellent video quality and a wide selection of channels. As an alternative, both gadgets provide unmatched access to all primary streaming services. Both Apple TV vs. Google Chromecast, from mobile apps and native apps, support these devices nicely.watching tv and films

Because of its accessibility and extensive support, Chromecast has a slight advantage over Apple TV. It can connect to the Apple TV+ app so that Google TV users can access it. On the other hand, Apple TV is the only gadget that supports Airplay.

Because TCL Google TV offers a wide selection of channels, movies, and television series, both devices can work nicely together.

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Playing Video Games

Chromecast with Google TV vs. Apple TV in 4k is excellent, and the Google Play store’s game selection is equally lavish. To play games, use your PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series controller. Due to its extensive selection of App Store and Apple Arcade games, Apple TV excels in this games

Additionally, it aids in saving your data in Game Center, enabling you to begin playing a game on your iPhone and pick it up at any moment on your Apple TV.

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Which is superior: Apple TV or Google TV?

Apple TV is a more advanced, quicker, and user-friendly software. Google TV, on the other hand, is fantastic but occasionally lags, is overloaded, and even feels a little old. In terms of performance and usability, Apple TV is the superior option.

Does purchasing Chromecast with Google TV make sense?

Yes, purchasing Chromecast with Google TV makes sense. The Chromecast with Google Television HD is the best streaming gadget you can get for the least if you only look at the sticker price. A streaming chip with a feature-rich remote, strong voice commands, and a helpful method for choosing what to watch is available for $30.

Do I require Apple TV or Chromecast?

The difference between Apple TV and Chromecast is Chromecast Ultra gadgets are designed to receive video casts from a phone or computer. The Apple TV app only supports AirPlay casting. To watch Apple TV on a Chromecast, you must cast through the Chrome browser rather than using the Apple TV app. So you require Apple TV or Chromecast.

When I have Google TV, do I need Apple TV?

You cannot use the two devices themselves together. We know this can be misleading because of Apple's naming convention, but an Apple TV device, such as the Apple TV 4K, cannot be used with Chromecast with Google TV. Only the Apple TV app, which can access your Apple TV+ membership and related content, is supported.

Does Google TV require a monthly subscription to use Chromecast?

Chromecast offers several TV services for watching movies and shows, listening to music, and more, just like a smartphone or smart TV. You won't need to lease a box from Google to use Chromecast.

Does Apple TV support 4K Chromecast?

While your Android cannot AirPlay to an Apple TV 4K, your iPhone can cast to Chromecast. Although Apple TV+ content can be streamed natively on Chromecast using Google TV, Apple TV+ content and anything else you have bought through iTunes cannot be Chromecast from an Apple iPhone.


It is all about Apple TV vs Chromecast with Google TV. Overall, the Apple TV platform differs from the Chromecast device in that, at least for now, Apple TV performs better in a broader range of content formats. You might prefer the Apple TV more if you use other Apple goods. However, Chromecast might be a better option if you use Android devices. Also, you can use Chromecast without wifi! So choose the better option according to your choice.

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