Android secret codes and hacks you didn’t know until now

android secret codes

Android secret codes, are you aware that there are numerous secret codes on Android? Each android secret code has a unique role that proves to be beneficial to us. We’re going to share some secret codes with you that will help you take your smartphone usage to the next level! 

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Call Forwarding: *#67#

It’s critical that we turn on a feature called Call Forward. We never know when we won’t be able to reach someone on our smartphone. Whether it’s due to a dropped signal or a low battery. Callers who want to get us can be forwarded to another number that can be contacted as a backup number by activating Call Forward. So there is a Android secret code for this

call forwarding android secret code
Call forwarding android secret code

The first step is to go to Settings-Call-More Settings-Call Forwarding in the Settings-Call menu. Another option is to use the Call menu’s * # 67 # button. If you use this android secret codes you can see which incoming calls were divert after pressing the button. Call Forwarding will generally be forwarded to voicemail if you follow the standard.

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To Hide Caller ID: #31#

hide caller android secret code
Hide caller Android secret code

Want to make a joke on a friend or on someone a buddy or a stranger by calling them without them knowing? No Caller ID, Unknown Caller, or Anonymous Caller are all terms used to describe this type of caller. We can do this on Android by entering a secret code

Hide caller

# 31 # is the android secret code for making an anonymous call. To try it out, go to the Call or Call menu and press the button. Your phone number will no longer appear on your friend’s phone after that. Dial # 31 # to see your phone number and name displayed again.

Android Secret code of Incoming Call Waiting Mode: *43#

Fortunately, today’s smartphones are advanced. When we’re on the other end of a phone call and another one comes in., the call is temporarily paused. This feature was previously unavailable. As a result, if an incoming call comes in while we are on the phone, the call will not be connected. Call waiting is the name of this feature.

call waiting
Call waiting

Click the android secret codes * 43 # button on the Call page to enable the Call waiting option. Press # 43 # if you want to remove or deactivate it. In the meantime, you can allow it for voice by pressing * # 43 #. The new incoming caller will be placed on hold until we are able to accept the call.

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Factory Data Reset: *#*#7780#*#*

Did you found that your smartphone is getting slower and slower? This usually happens after we’ve been using a smartphone for a long time. This occurs as a result of a large number of installed apps and useless data in memory. The answer to this problem is to perform a factory reset.

factory data reset
Factory data reset

On Android, there is a code that allows users to execute a factory reset. When you’re in the Call menu, press the * # * # 7780 # * # * button. Through this android secret codes you can enter factory reset mode by tapping this button. All applications and data on the smartphone will be remove, and the device will revert to the state it was in when you purchase it.

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Quick Test Menu:  android secret code is *#7353#

Before you can take a new cellphone home, you must go through a series of formalities at the official store where you purchased it. The seller will undoubtedly ensure that the equipment is in good working order and that there are no issues. A number of tests were conduct in front of the buyer to accomplish this.

quick test menu
Quick Test Menu

The total number of tests performed varies. Before passing the phone over to the buyer, make sure it’s in good working order, all features are examin, including the screen, colour, LED, call test, SMS, network, voice, and Bluetooth. The seller will typically enter a menu called the Quick Test Menu to examine all of the functions of this handset. It’s a simple matter of pressing the * # 7353 # button. It is a Android secret codes to known your Mobile function easily.

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Android secret code IMEI: *#06# 

They will not use a local provider if their IMEI is not register on their smartphone. When purchasing a cellphone, the IMEI code is usually list on the box. But what if the box isn’t there, or if you want to double-check that the IMEI code on the box matches the one on the phone?


To begin, go to the Call menu.  Use this android secret codes, Call * # 06 # by pressing * # 06 #.. Model, Serial Number, Wi-Fi Address, Bluetooth, ICCID, MEID, and IMEI are all use to identify a device. that may be found here. You can return the phone to the store where you got it  through this android secret code if the IMEI does not match what is state on the box or is not display.

General Test Mode: *#0*#

Authorized sellers will generally conduct a series of checks when purchasing a cell phone, particularly an Android device. The test is done out while the buyer watches to ensure that the phone purchase is in working order. If not, we’ll look for a different phone that doesn’t have a problem. What if we don’t want to wait till we get to the store to check the cellphone?

general test mode
General Test Mode

It’s pretty simple; go to the Call menu and press this button * # 0 * #, then the green Call button. Then you’ll be take to a menu call General Test Mode. This menu has a number of options that can be use to check the status. And your cellphone’s various functions, such as the screen color, speakers, vibration, and camera.

Phone, Battery, and Usage Info: *#*#4636#*#*

If you want to examine information about smartphones, batteries, and usage on your Android, there is a simple way to do it. All information regarding smartphones may be view by going to the Settings menu. This is, after all, a good method!

phone battery usage
Phone battery usage

There are, however, various methods of checking cellphone. And this  information that can be utiliz as extra information. To store the number as a contact, dial * # * # 4636 # * # * in the dialling menu. Use this android secret codes, All you have to do is click twice every time you want to check your phone, battery, or use information!


These are the Android secret codes and hacks that allow you to obtain relevant information and keep update and distinct from others.

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