Fixing Android Black Screen Of Death | Step-by-Step Guide

android black screen of death

Android is pretty well-liked around the globe. “The black android screen of death” is a common problem encountered by users all around the globe. The following article will cover how to fix the said screen.

This problem is completely fixable, and there are many distinct ways to do it too! Your device will even work as before after you try these solutions. The black android screen of death may initially seem frightening, but it is fixable.

The article will cover step-by-step guides on how you can fix the problem and make your Android device the way it was before.

Top 8 Ways To Fix Android Black Screen Of Death

Following are step-by-step guides on how to fix the black Android screen of death:

Rebooting the device

The easy and obvious way to get your phone’s android black screen of death to normal would be to reboot it. Here is how one can do that:

roboting the device

  1. Check all the buttons on the device, like the power buttons. Sometimes they contain dirt or other things and might get jammed.
  2. After the buttons have been thoroughly cleaned, try working them so they can be used.
  3. After all, this is done, try rebooting your device.

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Charge and Restart or Force Restart

Another easy way to bring life back into your phone is by charging it.charge and force restart

  1. First, check the port again to see if there might be anything inside it.
  2. Once clean, charge your phone for around 10-15 minutes.
  3. Then try to restart it.

Or, If all the above-given things do not work to fix the black android screen of death problem, try force restarting your phone. Here is how to force restart Android phones:

  1. Press both the power and volume keys at the same time.
  2. Hold for 5-8 seconds.
  3. Your phone may restart after this.

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Waiting For The Battery to Die or Removing the Battery 

When your phone goes blank, the battery has to die sooner or later. These are the following steps:

battery dead

  1. The storm has to die sooner or later when your phone goes blank.
  2. After it does, charge it for 10-15 minutes and restart it again.


  1. Pull out the battery of the device.
  2. Then put the battery back into it and restart.

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Getting Rid of Incompatible Apps

Sometimes we download apps that do not go well with our device. This means they are not in harmony with your advice, which may be causing the screen to go black. You need to see all the options clearly for this, but how to do that if your screen itself is not fixed? Here is what you can do.

download incompatible apps on android

  1. Press the power button, and your device will show you all the Restart options.
  2. You will see the power off icon, and you must long press on that, then the safe mode option.
  3. Click on this option, and your device will immediately go into safe mode.
  4. After you are safe and sound in a secure mood, you must go to settings.
  5. Under settings, you must go to Apps.
  6. Choose an app incompatible with your device and delete or uninstall it.
  7. Then, to finish off, you must press the Power button to get your phone back to normal.

Wiping the Cache Partition

There are several files on our devices that cause a hindrance to their smooth functioning. This can sometimes be responsible for the android black screen of death. Wiping the cache partition helps eliminate all these files so the device can work better and more efficiently.

wipe cache partition android

  1. Turn off the device completely.
  2. Then you must put it into recovery mode. But, keep in mind that every model or device has a different way of being put into recovery mode, but here is the basic one. You can long press the volume, home, and power buttons altogether. Keep the long press going on until the phone seems to restart again.
  3. To move now, press the volume buttons and select wipe cache partition.
  4. The power button is used as OK here now that you cannot use the screen. Press the button carefully.
  5. The device will do its work, and once it’s done, it will show you it is done.
  6. Once this is over, restart your phone to its new given life.

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Safe Mode

Some apps are extremely sneaky and try to make changes to your device. They make your device reboot itself as soon as you open them. Hence, it is important to scrap them away so you do not get the problem of the android black screen of death. This black android screen of death fix should function. But to do this, your phone must first be in safe mode. Here is how to put it in safe mode:safe mode

  1. Press the power button again until clear choices are shown.
  2. Wait till it safe mode selection is made before pressing the power off button again.
  3. Say ‘OK’ to the safe mode alternative.
  4. Then get rid of all the apps causing all the nuisances.
  5. To get your phone back to normal, turn the power off the device and then turn it on again.

Hard Factory Reset

After trying out all these solutions, none of them work, and you are losing hope, do not worry! We can still do a factory reset to fix the android black screen of death.

android hard reset

  1. First, we put our phones in good old recovery mode—long press the volume, power, and home buttons to do this.
  2. Then use the volume and power buttons to move around as you cannot fully utilize the screen.
  3. You have entered recovery mode. Pick out the option of wipe data/factory reset.
  4. To begin this process, press the power button, and your device will automatically start with the hard factory reset.
  5. All it remains to do is to restart your phone.

Android black Screen Repair Tool

Once none of the above-given methods seem to work, you know it is time to bring out the big guns. You just require the software tool, a USB cord, and a computer or laptop to get began. Here are the steps to fix the android error screen issue using this tool.

android black screen on death

  1. Install this tool on the computer/laptop.
  2. It will show you some options. You need to choose the Repair one.
  3. Use your USB cable to connect to your device and laptop/computer.
  4. Turn on the USB debugging mode and give permission to make essential changes.
  5. The tool will reveal your device and show the user the repair option. Start immediately.
  6. Check your phone, tap any details that may be visible, then select the next option.
  7. This will activate download mode on your phone. And you can then click on next on your PC or laptop so it can begin downloading the software.
  8. The device will restart again after the process is over.

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Can your device still be fixed after the android phone screen black issue?

Yes, of course, it can. Your device will be perfectly salvageable. If you do not want to do it by yourself, you can go to a repair shop and fix it from there.

Why does your device get the black screen of death?

There can be many causes of this. Some of them being incompatible apps. As mentioned above, some apps do not go well with your device sometimes and may bring with them various bugs or viruses. There is also an LCD connector in your device, which might be causing all the problems.

How do you work your phone when the screen is unusable?

You can use the volume and power buttons to move around the device. Or you can use the USB cable connected to your device and another one so you can externally take care of the problem. Another way is to go to a repair shop so they can fix your problems for you.

How can you turn on your phone when the power button is broken?

We suggest going to the repair shop or trying out USB debugging. Another way could be charging your phone.


The article commences here. These were the top 8 ways to fix the problem of the android black screen of death. These are the ones that you can do by yourself at home, but you may also fix this problem by asking an expert or repairing it in a proper shop. We hope all the information and guides here were helpful!

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