When Android auto disconnects, it is widespread, and possible solutions are a little ridiculous. Many owners’ manuals, for example, recommend bringing your vehicle to a manufacturing facility or contacting the dealership. While those may be viable last-ditch options, there are some things you can try from the comfort of your own home (or car) that don’t require driving to an overseas factory.

The error of Android Auto Disconnecting might occur due to improper installation of the Android Auto app. Try reinstalling or updating it. Open your phone’s settings and navigate to System. Tap on About Phone. Select the Firmware File that appears. Now all you need to do is reboot your phone.

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android auto keeps disconnecting

The recommendations produce mixed results for car owners, causing additional headaches. Those difficulties are widespread enough that practically every Google search for the keyword “Android Auto” will yield results from unhappy users looking for a solution to their connection problems. These posts have come from all over the internet. Some complaints are in Twitter conversations with automotive companies, while others are in vehicle-specific forums, leading to Google’s customer service.

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What To Do When Android Auto Keeps Disconnecting

Android Auto app disconnecting can be resolved with the help of simple tricks like force-restarting, updating the application, and rebooting your car’s infotainment system. 5 steps are listed below:

Solution 1: Force Reboot

All currently running processes would be abruptly terminated. One of them could have failed. Forcing a reboot is always a good idea for a software problem. The process of forcing a reboot can vary. However, holding the Power and Volume Down buttons together for a few seconds usually works.

The first automatic step that comes to mind is to restart the phone. There’s a good chance that the problem is with your phone’s software, which requires the phone to be rebooted. You can achieve this by pressing and holding the power button until a menu appears on most smartphones and tablets.


android keeps disconnecting

Or press Shut Down and wait a few seconds before turning your phone back on. Try using Android Auto to check if it’s working.

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Solution 2: Check Your USB Cable 

Are you connected to your car via USB? The cable you’re using might be the source of the issue.


check the cable


If you plug it into another device and see if it charges, you’ll know if it’s broken. Maybe there’s dust in its port as well. Here’s how to verify and correct this:

  • Use a pin to scrape away any dust gently.
  • Dampen a cotton bud in rubbing alcohol and gently wipe away any loose dirt. cleaning the port

You can use a compressed air can and spray it in short bursts to remove dust. 

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Solution 3: Update Your Android OS System

When did you last update your Operating System? Your operating system could be old and buggy. Google may have included a patch with the most recent update.

Just keep in mind that upgrading your System requires a stable internet connection. Otherwise, errors may occur.

This is what you do when Android auto keeps disconnecting:

  1. Open your phone’s settings open settings
  2. Navigate to Systemopen system
  3. Tap About Phone select about phone
  4. Select the Firmware File that appears.


For good measure, restart your phone. The Android auto problems should be resolved now.

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Solution 4: Reboot Car Infotainment System

Remember when I said you should restart your phone? Restart your vehicle’s infotainment system. It could be acting strangely due to a single glitch.

Here’s what you do when Android auto keeps disconnecting:

  1. Go to Car Settings after opening the infotainment system.car infotainment system
  2. Choose Smartphone Connections from the drop-down option.smartphone connection
  3.  Disconnect and then reconnectconnect to smartphone

Solution 5: Outdated Android Auto App

If the software on your phone has not been updated in a while, you haven’t updated the Android Auto app. Please upgrade it to the Google Play Store. The updated firmware file should include a patch.

Here’s what you do when Android auto keeps disconnecting:

  1. Start the Google Play Store app and go straight to the Menu section.play store
  2. Head to the Installed sectionmy apps and games
  3. Continue scrolling until you see the application. 
  4. Next, click the Update button. android disconnects
  5. Switch off your device afterward. 

If your Android Auto isn’t operating as well as once, you may need to install some updates. Open Google Play to see if there are any Android Auto app updates. After any updates have been installed, open the Android Auto app. When the application has been successfully updated, reconnect and see if it works. Before you can continue to use it, you may have to accept a new user agreement or anything similar.

Remove the application from your device and reinstall it. Many users have found uninstalling, and then reinstalling software has helped them. If there is a bug with the application, reinstalling should fix it. After reinstalling the app, connect your phone to a car via Android Auto.

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Solution 6: Update Google Play Services

While you’re at it, update the Google Play Services. It is in charge of how well your apps run. Imagine how serious the issue would be if its firmware were outdated.

There are two methods for updating Play Services. The simplest is discussed below for when Android auto keeps disconnecting:

  1. Select Settings > Apps and Notifications.open apps
  2. Click on Google Play Services click on google play services
  3. Review its detailsandroid keeps disconnecting fix

4. Click the Update option (it will only be there if there is new firmware to download)update google play services

Solution 7: Clear App Cache To Stop Android Auto From Disconnecting

When an app’s cache becomes corrupt, it malfunctions. Android Auto is no exception. It will benefit from clearing its temporary memory. No, you won’t lose any personal information if you’re wondering. This is what you do when Android auto keeps disconnecting:

  1. Go to Settings > Application Manager app management
  2. Locate Android Auto and then press Force Stopforce stop the app
  3. Confirm and then click on Storage >Choose Clear Cache and Clear Data>Click Ok.clear cache

You can also erase the Google Play Store and Google Maps cache. Go to Application Manager and search for them.

Any application saves cache and data, which can cause the app to stop working, crash, or respond. You must erase the Android Auto app’s cache and data to fix it. Locate and select Android Auto from the app list. Precise Data and Cache are available there.

What If Nothing Helps And Android Auto Keeps Disconnecting?

If the above suggestions don’t help you from Android auto disconnecting, it’s possible that your car or phone is to blame. As a last resort, you could connect your phone to another Android Auto vehicle. This should help you determine whether the issue is with Android Auto or your car.android auto keeps disconnecting

1. Contact the manufacturer or dealer if your automobile does not support Android Auto. Android Auto may not work due to a problem with your vehicle’s internal components.

2. If you’re experiencing problems connecting your phone to multiple Android Auto-enabled automobiles, use a good connection and ensure a straightforward charging port. If it doesn’t work, you should seek help from your phone maker.

Many users encounter the frustrating problem of Google Maps failing to function correctly when integrated with Android Auto, leading to inconvenience and potential safety concerns on the road.


Why does my Android auto constantly disconnect?

The Android Auto might get disconnected because the car might not be compatible; secondly, the phone might need to be updated or configured correctly with Android Auto. Disconnections can also happen because of dirt and breakage in the cables.

How do I fix the Android Auto connection from App settings?

To fix Android Auto disconnections, Go to Settings>Connected device> Click on Connection Preferences>Select Android Auto>Click on ‘Start Android Automatically’ and choose ‘Always’> Press ‘Start Android Auto’>Enable Wireless Android Auto option if the car supports.

Does Android Auto work on iPhones?

Android Auto is only compatible with Android 8.0 (Oreo) or higher version phones. Apple CarPlay is a better alternative for all Iphone users.

What are the alternatives to Android Auto?

As an alternative to Android Auto, Google Maps by Google is preferable for every Android phone. At the same time, other alternatives are AutoMate, AutoZen, Drivemode, Waze, and Car Dashdroid.


In a nutshell, to stop android auto from disconnecting, the solutions are to clear the cache and data of the Android Auto app, restart your Android device, and check for incompatibility issues on both devices. Install the latest Android app update, update your Android OS, uninstall and reinstall the Android Auto app, and check the paired car settings. Remember that you can utilize Android Auto on your phone’s screen while attempting to remedy these issues. Even though it is less convenient, it does the job.

The Android Auto app is handy software, but users become angry and want to know how to solve it when it starts to cause issues, such as Android Auto disconnecting. However, you will not need to be concerned because the remedies listed above will assist you in resolving the Android Auto keeps disconnecting issue.

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