Nowadays, there are plenty of android applications that can be used by pilots. These applications make flying more convenient and safer for pilots. The following list covers the top 8 android applications specifically designed for pilots. Let’s start with that: Android Apps for Pilots.

The best android apps for pilots are Garmin Pilot, Live ATC, AeroWeather, Sporty’s Pilot Training, Naviator, Avare, Flightradar24 Flight Tracker, and FlightAware Flight Tracker.

Pilots can simply enter their desired route into the flight plan form on the application’s map tab, check the entire route, and graphically modify it. Read below to learn about the best android apps for pilots.

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8 Best Android Apps For Pilots

Here are the best android apps for pilots.

Garmin Pilot

Garmin Pilot is the first choice in Android Apps for Pilots. This application turns your android device into a pilot’s ideal cockpit friend. Pilots use it to plan and fly their planes. Some of its best features include:

  • Allows pilots to navigate with the latest technology (HSI), provide 3d vision and altitude information.
  • It has a globally rich and interactive mapping system that provides accurate weather information for Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Allows cockpit connectivity through Connect.

garmin pilot

Moreover, it is very user-friendly. Furthermore, it offers the option to zoom in for more details. Finally, with the inbuilt GPS receiver in the user’s device and a unique Radial menu, Garmin Pilot allows users to create a waypoint and navigate airport information and current weather conditions as apps for android.
It has a rating of 3.8 from about 1800 users in the Google Play Store.

Download: Garmin Pilot

Live ATC

Another application that can come in handy for pilots is Live ATC. It is an application that streams audio and provides a live feed of Air Traffic Control Communication. Live ATC is especially useful for beginner pilots or students who are starting their careers as an aviator.

live atc

It helps pilots to get familiar with operating in a controlled airport environment and improve their communication skills
It has a rating of 3.8 from approximately 4000 users in the Google Play Store.
Download: Live ATC


It is another excellent application that allows pilots to check (METARS) Meteorological Aerodrome Reports and Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAFS) at airports. It also allows users to add airports and check the weather of their destination. Furthermore, it gives pilots an instant overview icon indication, informing them about the current station reports. Therefore, the app had to be in our list of Android Apps for Pilots. This application consists of two versions, AeroWeather Lite and AeroWeather Pro.


The lite version is free for users, whereas users need to pay for the pro app, which comes with additional features and offers no advertisements.
It has scored a rating of 3.9 from 300 users in the Google Play Store.

Download: AeroWeather

Sporty’s Pilot Training

This innovative application offers various training courses in a single place. It provides a comprehensive flight-training course such as IFR Communications, Flying with Foreflight, and many more. Moreover, users can earn a pilot certificate by completing the courses and taking the knowledge test. This application is highly recommended to people who would like to become an aviator in the future and pilots who would like to learn more aviation-related skills.

sporty’s pilot training

As this application has recently been launched on Android, it has a rating of 4.0 from just 100 users in the Google Play Store.

Download: Sporty’s Pilot Training


Naviator is another best Android Apps for Pilots. This application has been released on Android only, providing a moving GPS map solely focused on pilots. The map displays various information that may be useful to pilots, such as Airports and TRFs. This application’s best feature is that it downloads all the necessary navigational data into one’s Android device and can be used even without a data connection. Other features of this app include vertical navigation output and autopilot service.


It has a rating of 3.8 from a little over 1000 users in the Google Play Store.

Download: Naviator


Another well-known Android Apps for Pilots is Avare. Although it mostly aims at pilots flying in the USA and some parts of Canada, it provides TPC and ONC charts for South Asian countries. The feature that makes this application useful for pilots is that it provides offline maps, airport diagrams, and terminal procedures on all FAA charts.


Not only this, but also when this application is connected to the internet, it can fetch Meteorological Aerodrome Reports as well as Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts. It is available for zero fees in Google Photos and has a rating of 4.7 from over 5000 users.
Download: Avare

Flightradar24 Flight Tracker

It is one of the most famous among Android Apps for Pilots. It monitors flights and displays information about flights that are flying and about to depart. In other words, it turns your device into a live plane tracker. Some of the other useful features of this application are:

flightradar24 fight tracker

  • Visualizes a 3d model of the cabin of any selected aircraft.
  • Provides statistical information about various flights and their routes.
  • Displays the speed, altitude, number of passengers, and other essential real-time information about the selected aircraft.

Has a rating of 4.7 from about 300,000 users in the Google Play Store.

Download: Flightradar24 Flight Tracker

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FlightAware Flight Tracker

It is one of the best applications that track flights with a map and thus qualifies for the Android Apps for Pilots list. This application displays weather conditions and view map. The users can change the map’s view in the form of a satellite, hybrid, political, or classic. One’s finger can easily scale the maps to adjust it. Finally, this application also displays any delays at the airports.


It has scored a rating of 3.9 from over 40,000 users in Google Play Store.

Download: FlightAware Flight Tracker

Advantages Of Android Apps For Pilots

Here are some advantages of pilot applications on Android:

  • Convenient access to flight information: Pilots can access flight plans, weather reports, navigation charts, and other critical flight information on their mobile devices.
  • Improved communication: Pilots can use instant messaging and email apps to contact their crew, dispatchers, and other aviation professionals.
  • Electronic flight bag: Pilots can use an electronic flight bag app to replace the bulky paper-based flight bag with a more efficient and eco-friendly digital alternative.


  • Increased safety: Pilots can use apps to access real-time weather updates and aircraft performance information to make better-informed decisions during flight.
  • Enhanced navigation: Pilots can use GPS navigation apps to plan their flights, track progress, and avoid hazardous weather conditions.
  • Time-saving: Pilots can use apps to quickly and easily access flight information, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual searches.
  • Cost-effective: Pilots can use apps to reduce the cost of paper-based flight materials, save time, and improve efficiency.

Disadvantages Of Android Apps For Pilot

Here are some disadvantages of pilot applications on Android:

  • Limited hardware compatibility: Not all Android devices can support aviation apps and their requirements.
  • Interruptions from notifications: The notifications from other apps can disrupt the focus of a pilot during a flight.
  • Insecurity: Android has more security vulnerabilities than iOS, which can compromise sensitive information used in aviation apps.
  • Inconsistent User Experience: The quality of Android apps can vary greatly, leading to an inconsistent user experience for pilots.


  • Fragmentation of OS versions: With so many different Android operating system versions, it can be challenging for app developers to ensure compatibility across all devices.
  • Compatibility with avionics systems: Integrating Android devices with avionics systems can be difficult, as the systems may need to be designed to work with Android devices.


What type of information can pilots access using android apps?

Pilots can access a wide range of information using android apps, including flight plans, weather reports, navigation charts, and other critical flight information. They can also access real-time weather updates, aircraft performance information, and GPS navigation to help decision-making during flight.

How does an electronic flight bag app help pilots?

An electronic flight bag app provides a more efficient and eco-friendly alternative to paper-based flight materials. Pilots can store all their flight information on their mobile devices, including flight plans, navigation charts, and weather reports. This reduces the need for bulky paper-based materials and saves time and resources.

How do Android apps help with flight safety?

Android apps provide pilots with real-time weather updates, aircraft performance information, and GPS navigation to help them make informed decisions during flight. This can improve safety by reducing the risk of flight delays, cancellations, and diversions due to hazardous weather conditions.

Are there any restrictions on how pilots can use Android apps?

While Android apps can provide pilots with a range of useful information and resources, it's important to remember that they are not a substitute for proper flight planning and training. Pilots should always follow established procedures and regulations when using android apps during flight operations.

Do pilots have to abide by any rules when using Android apps?

Aviation authorities such as the EASA and FAA regulate the use of android apps by pilots. Pilots should familiarise themselves with the relevant regulations and guidelines and ensure that they use approved apps during flight operations.


It is all about the best Android Apps for Pilots. So that you can easily use any of the applications listed above in the article.

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