How To Fix Amazon Fire Stick Not Connecting To WiFi [Solved]

amazon fire stick not connecting to wifi

In this article, you will learn about amazon fire stick not connecting to WiFi and the best way to connect it. 

The most common reason for amazon fire stick not connecting to WiFi is a signal strength problem. Though it’s not always straightforward, you’ll discover that issues with your network, the Fire Stick, or even outside interference can all prohibit a Fire Stick from connecting. 

Here is the knowledge you need to fix your Fire Stick won’t connect to Wi-Fi because the majority of these problems can be resolved at home by yourself.

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Why Does a Fire Stick Fail to Establish a WiFi Connection?

Signal strength is the main reason for connectivity problems with the amazon fire stick not connecting to WiFi, although there are many other alternatives. Here are the most frequent causes of a Fire Stick not being able to connect to WiFi:

  1. Signal Strength: Your Fire Stick won’t be able to connect to WiFi if it is too far from your router. The same outcome may likewise result from excessive blockages.

signal strength firestick

  1. Interference: Your Fire Stick may not be able to connect if there is interference from devices that broadcast or generate interference on the same frequency as your WiFi network. Microwaves, cordless phones, and other similar appliances can contribute to this sort of issue.
  2. Router Issue: The longer you wait to restart your gear, the more frequently router faults appear. When you restart your router, most of these problems will go away on their own. Problems with your Fire Stick saying no internet may occasionally prevent it from establishing a WiFi connection. Unless you’ve experienced a hardware failure, you can fix most Fire Stick problems with a simple reset.

router error

  1. Problems with remote sync: If you encounter a connection fault with your Fire Stick and are unable to move further because your remote is also having connectivity troubles, you will need to repair your remote in order to do so.

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How to Fix a WiFi Problem on a Fire Stick

Follow these troubleshooting instructions to fix a Fire Stick that won’t connect to WiFi:

Verify the WiFi Connection Settings on your Fire Stick 

Verify the network your Fire Stick says no internet is attempting to connect to and that you entered the cor
rect password
. You will have to re-enter this information if you change to a new wireless router.

Connect the remote

Try pairing your remote if you encounter a connection error with your Fire Stick and cannot modify your WiFi settings because it is not functioning. You should use fresh batteries and hold down the home button for at least 10 seconds. Then, you ought to be able to enter the details of your WiFi network.

connect firestick remote

As long as your Fire TV is wired over Ethernet to the same network as your phone, you will be able to use the Fire TV app as a remote if that doesn’t work. Instead of using the remote, you can instead attach a USB keyboard and mouse to your Fire Stick.

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Verify your WiFi Connection

Check the connectivity of your wireless network with other wireless devices, such as your laptop or phone. If you do not have any additional wireless devices, you can also utilize the router control panel. You must set up or fix your wireless network if any of your other gadgets can’t connect either.

Check the Strength of your WiFi Signal

The strength of your wireless network is highest immediately adjacent to the router and decreases with distance. Other impediments such as walls, furniture, appliances, and others weaken the signal as well. Your amazon Fire tv Stick won’t be able to connect to WiFi if the signal isn’t strong enough where it is.

Ensure that SSID Broadcasting is Turned on

Whether your signal strength is adequate and your Fire Stick isn’t detecting your WiFi network, check to verify if you or your network administrator hasn’t turned off SSID broadcasting.

ssid broadcasting

The network will not be visible to new devices like your Fire Stick if it is disabled, but connected devices will still be able to connect.

Consider Joining a Secret Network

You will need to join if your SSID is hidden and you cannot find out how to change it manually. This is how:

  1. You can find Settings > Network by going to your stream on Fire Stick.

networks in setting

  1. To join another network, select it.

join network

  1. Select Next after entering the SSID, or precise name, of your WiFi network.

ssid enter

  1. Choose the network security method that you want to employ, then click Next.

select network security

  1. Next, after entering your WiFi password.

enter password

  1. Verify the data, then click Connect.

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Restart your Router

Simply rebooting your router might fix several network connectivity issues. Even if other wireless devices operate without issue, a fresh start may be necessary to resolve a conflict of the amazon fire stick not connecting to WiFi.

Start your Fire Stick Again

A straightforward restart can help fix a lot of Fire Stick issues. Simply unplug your Fire Stick for three seconds, then plug it back in to achieve this. You can restart it manually by going to Settings > My Fire TV > Restart in the menu system.

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How can I fix my broken Amazon Fire Stick remote?

Finally, you can restart your device from the Fire Stick menu if the remote shortcut doesn't seem to be working for whatever reason. To do this, simply navigate to your device's settings menu, choose the Device submenu, and then click Restart. Check your WiFi when your device restarts.

What is the Amazon Firestick capable of?

Use the Amazon Fire Stick to stream films, shows, movies, and music to your TV using your Amazon account after it is linked to your home WiFi network.

Any router will the Fire Stick operate with?

Certain network and modem or router requirements apply to Firestick connected to WiFi but no internet devices. Fire Stick can connect to networks that are open, hidden, WEP, WPA-PSK encrypted, and WPA1-PSK encrypted. Additionally, it supports 5 GHz AC, A, and N routers as well as 2.4 GHz N, B, and G routers.

Why can't my Firestick connect to the Internet?

There must be a problem with your Fire TV Sticks if you can access the InternetInternet on all your other devices but not on your Fire TV Stick. We'll keep working to repair your Android smartphone.

Does the Amazon Fire Stick support 4K TVs?

Amazon's Fire TV Stick is just a small streaming media player. Thousands of TV series, movies, and games are unlocked and made available at your disposal. The majority of consumers choose Fire Stick in order to utilize it with a 4K TV, and for the best experience, it does need a good internet connection.


Without WiFi, the Amazon Fire TV Stick is nothing more than a paperweight. Follow the instructions above to solve the amazon fire stick not connecting to the WiFi device if you frequently experience WiFi antenna problems. When we experience WiFi problems on the Fire TV Stick. We have found that the forget and reconnect technique works for us.

Perform a factory reset if your Fire Stick can still not access the Internet. You’ll have to configure the Fire Stick exactly as you did when you initially got it because it will be fully reset.

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