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The article is about Alternative To Parler in 2023. Numerous applications, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, have implemented strict policies to ensure users follow the community’s rules. Unbiased free speech applications like Parler are more flexible with their speech regulations. Therefore, individuals look for more avenues to exercise their right to free expression on social networking platforms.

alternative to parler

The finest alternatives are both open-source and free. For several platforms, including online/web-based, Android apps, iPhone, Android Tablet, and iPad, there are more Parler equivalents. Like Parler, the applications Gab, Diaspora, Minds, and Hubzilla are also fantastic.

Social networks, microblogs, and social news are some alternatives to Parler. You can filter by these if you want a more focused list of options. It was created as a result of our search for Parler-compatible apps. Whether these social networks are platforms for free expression or something else, we’ll leave that up to you.

Parler: What Is It?

You created a social media app called Parler in 2018. Parler, “to speak” in French, enables people to communicate by encouraging platform participation and free speech.

Parler, a social network in the social & communications category, promises to provide users the freedom to manage their social experience. It aims to create the framework for the subsequent social media generation in which content producers encourage participation. As a “non-biased free speech-driven entity,” Parler is described.


Several platforms, such as online/web-based iPhone videos and iPad, have many alternatives for Parler. Alternatives to Parler mostly include social networks but can also include microblogs and encrypted chat apps. Mastodon, which is open source and accessible, is the ideal substitute. Like Parler, the applications Gab, Diaspora, Minds, and Hubzilla are also fantastic.

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The Best Substitute For Parler

Parler was an odd application. It intends to take the place of Twitter and commit to keeping its material open. These Chat Apps and Social Media Platforms Function as parler substitutes Right Now! The following social media apps create using that principle.

MeWe: An Alternative To Parler For Microblogging

MeWe, a website, is currently the most popular substitute for Parler. It’s interesting to note that MeWe calls itself the “next-gen social network” and pledges to respect the privacy of its users.

  • As a result, this program doesn’t collect your personal information (unlike what happens on other significant social networks), newsfeeds aren’t manipulated, and MeWe doesn’t even have adverts.
  • It’s also intriguing to consider how long this social network has existed. It wasn’t specifically created to benefit conservatives.  mewe
  • The fact that MeWe welcomes conservatives with open arms is the main factor in its popularity. The apps are similar to parler and focus on more than just politics.
  • MeWe has a variety of (good) groups you can find if you look around further. 
  • For instance, organizations dedicated to those who appreciate the arts, certain musical genres, or animals. 
  • Furthermore, MeWe had 5 million registered users before its recent popularity surge, and there is ample reason to believe that number is far higher now. Also, click here to transfer photos from android to mac.

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Gab: A Facebook-Like Alternative To Parler

Here, we have a different Alternative to Parler with extensive experience operating on the international stage. Andrew Torba launched the social networking application Gab in 2016. According to his words, the major objective of Gab was to offer a substitute for Twitter and Facebook in the form of an uncensored social media network. 

  • Gab was not intended to be a “conservative social network,” but it has evolved into one.
  • Given that Gab pledges not to restrict “free expression,” it has developed into a platform for people to voice their opinions who have “parler options” viewpoints.  gab
  • Because it broke the company’s policy against hate speech, Google banned this app from the Play Store (back in 2017). It’s not available on Apple’s App Store either. Instead, it is only accessible online.
  • Gab is now profiting from Parler’s failure. According to a recent tweet, this social networking platform has seen over 18 million visitors since people started seeking Parler alternatives, and it adds 500,000 new users every day. Want to learn Wifi antenna booster for android? Read this.

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Rumble: A Better Video Hosting Alternative

We have discussed social media platforms intended to displace Twitter and Facebook groups. Knowing that there is an app aiming to replace YouTube is not shocking. Over 50,000 content producers use this internet platform, which goes by the name of Rumble, to share and make money from their work.

  • Dan Bongino, a political analyst, established Rumble as an Alternative to Parler in 2013. According to him, the main goal of Rumble is to offer a safe space for conservative viewers who feel that YouTube is hostile to their views and values.
  • Additionally, Bongino has a reputation for claiming that YouTube stifles conservative viewpoints and promises to take action in various areas.  rumble
  • One of the reasons Bongino invested is because of this sites like parler.
  • It mentions that Rumble promised its customers its content, not censors, to draw them in. 
  • Far-right voices have found a home here for just that reason. 
  • Rumble’s monetization approach allows video artists to make more money from their videos than they would on YouTube and other similar platforms only exacerbate the situation.

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Is CYGO a viable substitute for Parler?

Parler was founded for the same purpose as CYGO. Similar to Facebook in many ways, ColdCast is a social media platform free of corporate influence. However, CYGO is considerably more loyal to being a free-speech social network because it is entirely non-profit and has no influence from sponsors or financial gain.

Does Parler have a substitute?

Parler, a social network in the social & communications category, promises to provide users control over their social experience. For a range of platforms, such as online / web-based, Android, iPhone, self-hosted solutions, and Linux, there are more apps like parler.

Is Parler a site for the far right?

An American social networking and microblogging service is called Parler. It has a sizable user base of conservatives, conspiracy theorists, and far-right radicals that support Donald Trump. You discovered that the location, a favorite of the far right, served as a plotting base for Capitol insurrectionists.

How big is the Parler user base?

Conservatives are linked to the American alternative-tech social networking site Parler. It started in November 2020. Even though it significantly increased in the middle and end of 2020, Parler's user base remained far smaller than its rivals. As of update, Facebook and Twitter each had 1.8 billion users, while Parler had 4 million active users and 8 million total users.

Does Parler have prejudice and bias?

This social media platform differs from others since it only presents one side of any debate. As a whole, Parler is only as prejudiced and factually accurate as its members, which at this time would indicate significant right-wing bias. In addition, they DO restrict voices they disagree with because they are not objective.

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This article was created as a result of our search for Parler-compatible apps. Some Alternative to Parler includes social networks, microblogs, and social news. You can filter by these if you want a more focused list of options or are looking for a certain Parler feature. Also, click here for best beat maker app for android.

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