Alternative To Audible | 8 Best Audiobooks Other Than Audible

alternative to audible

Want to avoid paying such a high price for Audible? We have the Alternative to Audible that are pocket-friendly.

A list of some of our favorites has been put together. The top picks are, Scribd, and chirp. There are options for book-specific streaming services, a few methods to use your library card for listening, and several apps that allow you to buy books individually.

Going ahead without delay, these are the best audiobooks other than audible.

Top Audiobook Alternative to Audible

These are the audible competitors and are a great alternative to audible.

Libro. fm

One of the finest alternatives to Audible is Libro. Fm, which lets you download audiobooks while also helping local bookshops. It can access audiobook programs in two ways. You can start by subscribing to the monthly membership service. Second, you can forgo the monthly subscription and pay a one-time fee to download new

It costs just $14.99 to receive one audiobook credit and 30% off other books, or you can purchase a book and listen to it whenever you want without needing to subscribe regularly.

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Scribd, one of the greatest audiobook apps on the market, might be a favorite among audiobook listeners. Reading your favorite audiobooks on your smartphone is simple because it has all the most popular audiobooks available. Of course, you can also sign in using a pc or mac. Accessing excellent music is simple, thanks to our platform’s user-friendly capabilities, regardless of your preferred device.scribd

A monthly subscription to Scribd costs $11.99 per month. All the books in the digital ecosystem, including the newest bestsellers, are accessible to subscribers at no additional cost.

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Chirp Audiobooks offers daily discounts on popular audiobooks. These price reductions frequently exceed the average 5–10% range from the initial pricing. Audiobooks that would tend to sell for $20 or more on Chirp are frequently offered for $3 to $6. You may keep the audiobooks as well.chirp

When you purchase an audiobook from Chirp’s website, you will upload it to the company’s audiobook player app, which has all the necessary features, including a sleep timer, bookmarks, and the ability to download for offline listening.

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Using Libby, you can access the ebooks and audiobooks available in your neighborhood library’s digital collection by attaching your library card, which is an alternative to audible.

Libby has an audiobook player similar to Audible’s and a pleasant, user-friendly layout. You can download books offline listening, just like Audible. You can alter the playback, set a snooze timer, fast-forward or rewind a few seconds, add a bookmark, and browse chapters.libby

There are a few restrictions with Libby. First, you are limited to selecting audiobooks at your public library for listening apps instead of reading apps.

Second, Libby allows users to check out, hold, and renew audiobooks like any other library item. Because there is only one “copy” and another person checks it out, you can place a hold on it, and Libby will let you know when it will be back out for checkout.

Even so, Libby is cost-free (technically, you pay taxes for your library), making it an excellent Audible substitute if you live in a community with a robust local library and don’t mind waiting for books to become available for checkout.

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Google Play Books

Google Play Books primarily focuses on ebooks, but it also offers audiobooks like its rival, Apple Books. Since there is no membership charge, you can buy books whenever you desire them, making it an amazing alternative to play books

Numerous well-known books are available at minor reductions, and other books (mainly those in the public domain) are free

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Loyal Book

Loyal Books has a collection of free audiobooks in the public domain. Although Loyal Books also provides thousands of ebooks, its audiobook selection is substantially smaller than LibriVox’s.loyal books

It is a great audible alternative. You can download or live streaming audiobooks, set a sleep timer, fast-forward or rewind the playback, and change the playback speed. Reviews of books are also available on Loyal Books, which can be very useful when picking which ones to listen to.

However, this software has a drawback with LibriVox. Expect to find something other than contemporary teen fiction or well-liked self-help books on Loyal Books because most books are classics.

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Over 300 thousand books are available on, 10 thousand free. One audiobook from its regular catalog and one from a new monthly list of VIP titles are included in the $14.95 monthly service fee. After that, you can freely purchase any other books you like.audiobooks

Book samples of ten minutes can help you decide whether you want to make a purchase. The application offer tools for audio “notes” that you have extracted from audiobooks. Podcasts and a small number of meditations are also included in the app, which is compatible with iOS and Android. It is a terrific alternative to audible


Additionally, Spotify provides amazing audiobooks. Due to the lack of an audiobook area on Spotify like there is for podcasts and music, finding an audiobook can be difficult. Even so, if you are okay with exploring a little, a few good ones are hidden in Spotify’s database.spotify

Spotify premium has a few clear disadvantages when it comes to audiobooks. First, you’ll hear advertisements while listening unless you already pay for Spotify.

Second, the selection on Spotify needs to be more extensive. Like Loyal Books, most of the audiobooks available on Spotify are in the public domain and are frequently classics rather than recently released bestsellers for alternative to audible.


With Amazon Prime, is Audible available for no cost?

No. An Audible membership is different from a Prime subscription. Suppose you've never had an Audible Premium subscription; in that case, you can sign up for a free trial period, receive one free book (two free books for Prime members), and access the Plus Catalog.

Are there audiobooks on Spotify?

Yes! It is a part of the business's effort to consolidate all forms of audio—music, podcasts, and now audiobooks—under one roof. As more people fall in love with audiobooks, it makes sense for Spotify to enter this quickly expanding sector.

Is Libby preferable to Audible?

Audible and Libby are similar. Libby is preferable for those who want to avoid acquiring books even though Audible platforms have many new releases and well-known titles (and prefer only to listen to them).

How can I listen to audiobooks in the simplest manner possible?

Your local library is the greatest place to try out your first audiobook. You can install Libby on your phone with the help of a librarian and use your library card to borrow audiobooks for no charge, so you can try out different things without worrying about the price.


There are several audiobook alternatives to audible that won’t break the bank. We’ve reviewed a few, but Libro. Fm and Scribd stand out as the best audible alternatives for audiobooks. Additionally, several questions have been addressed for your benefit.

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