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An AI voice generator, or an AI speech generator tool, uses text-to-speech (TTS) technology, thus, reading a text or group of texts out loud, trying to sound as close to a human as possible. This post will inform you about the best 5 AI voice generator tools you can use for convenience. 

This article lists the 5 most efficiently working artificial voice generator tools – from the premium ones to online free-to-use ones. Some of the best ones include Murf and Play. ht, Lovo.ai, Replica, Resemble, and many others. Read further to find out! You have to enter the text of your choice, and these platforms will generate the voice you are looking for.

An AI voice tool can be used for numerous uses ranging from presentations, demonstrations, videos, and many more, with relatively less effort and higher speed. When in need, these tools can be very helpful in completing your work better and more accurately. 

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Best 5 AI Voice Generator Tools

Here is an extensive list of the possibly smoothest-running applications or sites that produce computer-generated voices-


Murf is one of the best AI voice generator tools that successfully generate AI voices from simple text, dictation, and even voice-overs. It can make computer-generated voices that sound pleasantly natural to the ears and with just as little effort as possible. 

murf ai voice generator tool

People from different paths and sectors – content creators, developers, and so on, find it incredibly helpful for themselves to be able to access such a great tool as Murf to produce voices suitable to their preferences. It offers a huge range of in-built sound effects for better and advanced customization of the final result, along with assistance in grammar and proofreading of the given input. Click here for the Daemon Tools alternative.

If you want an AI voice that sounds as close to a human as possible, Murf is probably the best option to get out there. From male to female, it provides a library with over 115 voices and even in 15 languages. Getting such a great tool with numerous features has been so convenient for people in their personal, business, or corporate projects. 

Sophisticated and natural voice qualityFree use available
Allows for custom voices and languagesBasic Plan - $13 per month
Grammar checker and proofreadingPro Plan - $26 per month
Supports various text and audio formatsEnterprise Plan- $167 per month

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Play.ht AI Voice Generator

Another great AI speech generator is Play.ht, which can create powerful artificially generated voices. by utilizing modern text-to-speech technology, Play.ht can perfectly bring up voices realistically close to a human being with great features.

play.ht ai voice generator tool

From requiring a voice for a short video you want to shoot for your social media or an online video game to any other project you want to undertake, Play offers a wide-ranging plethora of options for you to choose from. It can even evaluate the tone of the text input, and the voice can match its relevance. Read this article to learn the top Ethical hacking Tools and Software for Hackers.

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  1. User-friendly and not difficult to use at all. If you are beginning your journey in Ai voice generation, this offers you a virtual interface. 
  2. Smooth and brilliant quality of audio that they offer. Play.ht is indeed a realistic voice generator. It also offers numerous voices for you to choose from
  3. Constant updates occur in this software so you can be assured of the perfect, synthetic quality of voices you expect and beyond.
  4. Offers up to 570 different voices and accents serving for all-varying uses 


$14.25 per month$29.25 per month$74.25 per month$149.25 per month
240,000 different voices60,000 words2,400,000 words6,000,000 words
Unlimited downloadsHosting podcastsLibrary of pronunciationsProduction of audio at scale
Unlimited previewsCommercial rightsAutomated audio makingAll features in the previous levels


Lovo.ai is a fantastic platform that offers voice produced by AI. This tool is extensively in use by people who do not want to record their voices but need it in e-learning, advertisements in audio formats, and audiobooks. Easy-to-use software with a vast range of voices makes Lovo.ai a go-to platform for different users.

lovo.ai ai voice generator tool

It can generate audios capable enough to sound with the related emotions the text is supposed to give out. In just 15 minutes, you can avail smooth, pleasant-to-hear voices after implementing easy steps that are also easy to follow. For additional information on voice changers, click here

Unlimited sharing of audios generatedFree use available
Massive library of voices to opt from Personal Plan - $17.99 per month
One time 15000 words changedFreelancer Plan - $49.99 per month

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Replica AI Voice Generator

Voices of professional actors in the industry are exclusively available on this platform. With a huge number of demo voices, you can try their features for free temporarily and later subscribe to their premium subscription. 

After selecting your desired voice style, Replica will change the text you have entered to a realistic, human-sounding voice with all the other adjustments you have made, like tweaking the pitch, tune, volume, and expressions, whether happy, sad, frustrated or so on. 

replica ai voice generator tool

You can now download the converted audio clip in your preferred format like mp3, FLAC, or WAC at 22 kHz. Replica allows you 30 minutes of text to convert for free, after which you will have to choose their pricing plans. 

Providing a huge range of voices and accents and modulations, along with exclusive voices from professional actors, Replica is a great artificial voice generator that suits different purposes like games, animations, videos, and the list goes on. You may also want to share videos online as well with the voices.

Audition voices available at the voice libraryFree use available for the first 30 minutes
Voice effects can be addedAudio of 4 hours for $24
Adjust voice pitch, tone, volume, frequency, speedAudio of 100 hours for $300

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When you want to try different AI voice generator tools for acquiring high-quality voice outputs, you should add Resemble to your list. It offers realistic audio voices and the option to change the voice’s characteristics.

resemble ai voice generator tool

Even if you have never used this platform before, you can easily find your way around it.

High number of voices, both male and female$30 month for voices recorded only on their platform
Easily navigable throughout the platform Build plan to upload any audio source and full access to API
Blending of human and synthetic voicesEnterprise plan for mobile deployment and API to create voices


Can I create my own AI voice?

To do it, you can use a variety of internet tools. Sites like ReadSpeaker AI provide companies with text-to-speech technology services, which are hugely demanded in the market. Your voice can then be ready for deployment in all channels.

How are synthetic voices made?

Deep Learning Speech Synthesis uses Deep Neural Networks (DNN) to create a computer-generated voice from the text.

How do I create my own AI personal assistant?

Integrate the already existing prevalent technologies such as Siri, and Google Assistant into your app with certain APIs and other such development tools that are open source, like Wit.ai

How are robot voices made?

The original sounds received from vocals or musical instruments are fed into a network of filters and noise generators.

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There you have the 5 top and best AI voice generator tools you can access online and use to serve your purpose. These easy-to-use interfaces make it easy to convert your text to real voice and navigate through them quickly. Also, check the best free & paid windows password recovery tools.

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